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Exploring India Like A Local – Top Ten Cities To Choose

Riding the Royal Rajasthan on Wheels or riding the motorcycle passes in Ladakh might be one of the most wanted luxurious styled Indian tour to enjoy. But, are you looking to enjoy it like a local? You can enjoy the real India, its tradition and culture by living one among the locals. Here are the top cities to hit in India to live like a local and enjoy.

This is the place where you can become a local and lead a life that can be tagged as once in life time experience. You can stay in an ashram, get trained in yoga, travel through terrains and live like a yogi. There are a lot of places to meditate and heal your body, mind and soul. You can find many yogis and spend time with them. Rishikesh is a peaceful place on the banks of the River Ganga which is considered as a holy river.
There are a lot of ashram that accommodates foreigners. Many ashram has good schedules that include many workshops, reading and creative education along with meditation, soul searching and others. You can also take part in their rituals. Your religion, region, community, ethnicity or belief would not stop them from including you in their activities. 

You can enjoy Mumbai in a lot of different ways. Mumbai is a natural harbour based city in Maharastra, India. This is a city that never sleeps. You can always find a lot of activities going on here. You can spend a luxurious vacation or an adventure in luxurious Mumbai tour. You can also live like a local by visiting the slum of Dharavi, eating spicy street foods, taking market strolls and others. If you want to live like a local in Mumbai, you ought to do two main important activities.

Riding the local train is a unique experience. You would have seen pictures of how crowded the trains are in Mumbai. None of those pictures were exaggerating the situation. Plan early and catch a seat in one of the busy trains in Mumbai and enjoy the local life. The second activity is to take a cycle tour around Mumbai. There are a lot of cycle tours like early morning tour where you get to cycle around Mumbai when most of the city is asleep, food cycle tour where you get to eat a lot of street foods, delicacies and others in Mumbai, Dharavi tour where you cycle around Dharavi and learn about their local life and so on. If you are an early riser, you can walk to the docks where you can find fishing markets to buy fresh fish.

This is one of the world’s oldest still inhabited city is Varanasi. This is a city of tradition and rituals. If you want to live like a local, you need to start your day very early in the morning. You can watch a lot of rituals on the banks of the river. You can also participate in them. There are a lot of temples in the city where you can find varying activities to perform. You can sit with locals and watch them perform religious activities. There are a lot of street shops where you can enjoy a wonderful collection frenzy.

India has been moulded for centuries and today it has many dimensions. If you really want to experience the real India, live like a local and travel around the country and enjoy it.
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