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5 Reasons Why You Need A Family Law Attorney

Family law has become very complex over the years and the law has continues to change each year. Having adequate legal representation is crucial to navigating and being successful regardless of which aspects of this law that you require. Law in general is complicated and changes often so it requires extensive training, resources, time and manpower to conduct administrative and research functions, and insight to understand the court system and protocols. This is why having family law attorney who is experienced and who values your trust with all legal aspects to your adult life is a serious matter that you should carefully consider.  

Marriage law – many of us are probably well aware of the processes to getting married and sharing the financial burdens and joint ownership of typical assets. Moreover, the virtue of being married carries a lot of responsibilities and, depending on which state you live in, can become burdensome than that of a single person. For some couples, a prenuptial agreement may be required. 

Domestic partnership – for many of the millennial generation, domestic partnerships or civil unions are preferred over marriage as the non-traditional arrangement of choice. Keep in mind that although the domestic partnership is typically a legal-recognized relationship for non-married couples and compared to married couples who have similar benefits, not all states recognize this type of union from a legal viewpoint. 

Living together – the statistics on Americans’ personal lives has shifted over the years to include those who have never married to be more than 30.4 percent, that as of the US Census Bureau for 2011, nearly 12 percent of couples living together have never been married or are cohabitating, and as of 2014, the number of unmarried Americans is now over 50 percent – opting to live together without marriage. Our lives become more complicated and intertwined regardless of our choices and so do the laws that govern us and our responsibilities as adults too. 

Domestic violence – unfortunately the statistics do not lie and are more alarming than ever. There are certain times throughout the year in which this type of violence becomes more prevalent such as during the Super Bowl game in January each, after a company-sponsored holiday party of some type, and during Independence Day. Abuse and violence of any kind is not tolerable regarding the law and morally not acceptable – for instance, children, spouses, partners, and seniors may become abused and neglected by family members and care takers alike. 

Adoption – there have been certain times in which the geo-political environment had emotionally moved some Americans to adopt children from overseas and there are couples who have decided to take a foreign child and bring them to our country so that they may have a better life. This is why the decision to adopt must be very carefully considered from all aspects and legal counsel is highly encouraged especially when dealing with foreign governments, laws, courtesies, and customs.
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