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Celebrities are Going under the Knife--for a Haircut

Short hairstyles on girls have been a controversial topic in the media as of late, even though it doesn't seem like there's any controversy to be had. What's the deal with policing the amount of hair on a woman's body? (Or a man's body, for that matter, although the man-bun trend seems to be pretty well-received among the ladies.)

From Miley Cyrus to Jennifer Lawrence to Emma Watson, many famous faces have been re-framed by short haircuts. Celebrity short hairstyles are not only good for putting that celebrity back in the spotlight again (with sometimes negative publicity, a la Britney Spears), but can also make a positive statement. In Britney's case, it wasn't so much a "haircut" as a "mental breakdown," sure, but the fact that people accused Miley of having a breakdown after her haircut gave Miley the opportunity to spread an important message:

"I’m trying to break out of that long hair, big boobs stereotype that women feel they have to conform to," the star said of her new spiky pixie cut and bleach-blonde dye job. "I mean, we’re not living in the freaking 1950s. Short hair is okay."

And short haircuts are perceived differently on different women. Emma Watson was seen as stately, prim, and practical when she cut off her locks, whereas for Miley it was just seen as part of a series of reckless, out-of-control decisions.

However, instead of seeing this as hypocritical, you might also see it as an opportunity, should you decide to shear your own locks. What would a short celebrity hairstyle do for you? Are you trying to look more edgy? Smart and proper? Demure? Modern or vintage?

Just as your personality can shape the way people view your haircut (Emma vs. Miley), your haircut can shape the way people see you. Do you want to shave the sides of your head and leave a floppy, fun fauxhawk on top? Do you want to use pomade to get a finely coiffed, "50s greaser" look, or do you want to spike things up with hair gel? What about bangs: do you want to keep them to one side with hairspray, or have no bangs at all? Do you want a shag look, or do you want the "standard hair cut" typically done on men, also called the "Ivy League"?

Short hair is pretty straightforward; you're getting your mane cut off, and there's nothing complicated about that (nor should the media make it out to be that way). However, even though your hair shouldn't have to make a statement, you want to make sure the statement it does make enhances your best self, and expresses your personality.
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