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Growing Farm Crops with Science and Scott Jay Abraham

The present times are the best times for the growth of the sector of agriculture and farming. In a bid to feed the hungry nine billion world population and battle the problem of hunger and starvation, the world leaders are surely thinking of ways to increase the feed. Staple food comprising of wheat, maize, corn, rice and other such pulses are always grown and along with that, you also shall be able to get dairy products like eggs, and milk from farm animals. But the fact is considering the burgeoning demand, even this stock of rice, and corn and eggs and milk, would end up being insufficient at some time or the other. 

Thanks to the innovation and research done by the scientists, biotechnology has a solution for increasing the yield and if not directly increasing the yield at least, for protecting the farmlands and farm animals. Today, work done by Scott Jay Abraham and his team at ViaFarm Research and Agricultural Inc. has brought forward great help to the society and solving the biggest problem of hunger of millions around the world. 

In a bid to ensure that farmers do not over-utilize and dry up the energy and nutrient value of the farmland, the company and the scientists working under the eyes of Scott Jay Abraham have come up with relevant solutions. The company has come up with nutritional sprays and other methods of increasing and if possible retaining the yield of the farmland. The farm owners may not be caring that much about the farm animals, but the fact is that if you want the crops and the farm animals to give you proper yield, then they should work towards its health and energy.

Farm animals are known for their eggs and milk supply and almost the whole world consumes these regularly on a daily basis. So, giving them proper care and ensuring they get regular check up and by making sure that they are getting proper diet are mandatory measures taken by the farm owners. 

Apart from all of these, using genetic engineering methods and some green methods, pesticides and fungicides are used to spray on the crops. This method would help in increasing the overall yield of the crop while keeping the crops free from any pests or insects. Keeping the crop yield intact is a challenge that every farmer faces and the reason is that the crops would not be able to withstand attack of an insect or a pest anywhere in the field. Rodents and worms are also commonly known to damage the crops. Understanding these problems, Scott Jay Abraham and his diligent team work for the making of such pesticides and fungicides, which help in increasing the yield without causing any damage to the crop or the surrounding environment. 

Furthermore, the farmers should take care to ensure that using conserved rainwater and other such measures like crop rotation, to ensure that every yield gives you a maximum yield and work towards appeasing the hunger of everyone.
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