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Staying Informed About Disability Claim Law

Living with a disability can be tough as your disability may be so severe that you may not be able to work and you also have to pay expensive medical bills for your treatment. However, you can claim disability benefits in Canada under the disability claim law that determines that you get a certain amount of compensation to help you cover your medical and daily expenses. However, this compensation will only be given if you meet all the standards. Over 600 medical disability cases in Ontario alone are looked at daily. So if you are caught fooling the law or do not file your disability claim properly or within the stipulated time, you will not receive any compensation. Thus, you must know about the disability claim law to ascertain what kind of compensation you are entitled to and whether you are eligible.

The Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits

You can apply for the Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits if you cannot work because of a disability and if you have contributed to the Canada Pension Plan. To ensure that you are eligible for such benefits, you must have a disability that is severe and prolonged. If the law finds that, you do not match any of these criteria and yet have filed a disability claim, you will not receive any compensation, and you may even be penalized.

How You Can Qualify

You can qualify for this benefit as long as your disability is severe that means your mental or physical disability stops you from doing any profitable work. You are unable to keep a regular job or any job at all because of your condition. In addition, your disability must be prolonged, as in; it should last throughout your life or for a very long time and may even end up being fatal. You must have all documents and papers to support your claims and get a written note from a certified doctor to increase your chances.

Children’s Benefit

If you are eligible for the Canada Pension Plan, you may also get a monthly compensation for dependent children. If the children are between 18-25 years, they should be in a school or university. To apply for this, you need to submit an application form along with the child’s birth certificate or any document that proves his birthday. You then need to fill and file a form called "Declaration of Attendance at School or University". You can take the support of disability lawyers to help you out with the same. This form needs to be submitted when you apply for the benefit, when the child starts school or university and when the child returns to school after a vacation.

Disability Benefits for Military Personnel

There is also a disability pension program for Canadian military personnel and Merchant navy personnel who have been permanently disabled while they were performing their duty. This disability pension program involves a monthly compensation that can also be availed by former members of the Armed Forces.
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