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Types of Garage Door Openers and Ease of Repair

There are many people who prefer the ease and appeal of automated garage doors, and there are several DIYers out there that sing the praises on a regular basis. These doors are customizable, offering you several options to create the perfect garage door opener for you. In addition, professionals can provide garage door opener repair to prevent the potential safety hazards that come with fixing the different types of automated doors. With your own custom, automatic garage door opener, you can decide the speed, noise and drives.

Screw – Garage Door Opener

The way that a screw-driven type of garage door opener works is with a trolley system, which is a different type of mechanical process in comparison to the chain and belt drive options. Garage door opener repair on a screw driver opener is typically much simpler. The basic process takes a threaded-steel screw that rides along a trolley around the motor, which powers the door. The simplest option is ideal for those seeking something that doesn’t involve a lot of maintenance; however they are fairly sensitive to changes in temperature and are ill-advised in places that frequently change temperature.

Belt – Garage Door Opener

Belt drives are often regarded as the most luxury garage door opener on the market. They are very quiet with a sleek, clean appearance. A belt driven garage door opener repair is rather difficult in comparison to the other options that we discuss here. The belt pushes the trolley, which is connected to the j-arm. In turn, the j-arm is connected to the garage door. It follows a similar mechanism to that of a bicycle. The belt is widely preferred in comparison to the chain because it is far quieter and the vibrations are dulled. These are a more expensive option, and it can be a pricy fix.

Chain – Garage Door Opener

The chain type of garage door opener is identical to the belt version, only it uses a chain instead. The chain rattles and vibrates, which can cause a great of metal-on-metal grating. This is considered the old school, traditional type of garage door openers. Garage door opener repair on a chain driven type of opener is the most affordable, eco-friendly option available. These garage door openers are often chosen by those who have a detached garage or would like to know ahead of time if anyone is getting into their garage. As technology has grown more advanced, we began to manufacture fibreglass, polyurethane, and steel-reinforced rubber to replace the chain door option.

Depending on the type of garage door opener you go for, repair may need to be completed by a professional. Belt drive garage door openers, for instance, require special tools, replacement belts, and important pieces of knowledge that can only be gained by working with the material. Screw driver garage door openers are somewhat easier to repair, though it is best to get a consultation from a garage door opener repair specialist.
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