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Understand Your Child's interest to give the Right Career Guidance

In this present era, career planning is considered to be one of the most pivotal aspects. Not only in an individual's life, but also with regard to society and family, career of an individual has gone huge impact. In other words it can be said; career of a concerned individual determines the root map of a generation and makes widespread impact on the future of the next generation. The approach in looking at pursuing careers has changed altogether. Some thirty years back, the whole target was to ensure academic qualification so that it is enough to get a job in the public domain. The perks of a government job had always been special and let us not forget the terminal benefits as well. At present, not only the public job domain has shrunk considerably, but also vacancies have gone lesser as digitization has suitably replaced manual work in many frames. Side by side, the rise of corporate and mercurial rise of private domain has garnered huge interest among the youths. The changing inclination of the individuals has been another significant change, where the tendency has been to cling with jobs dealing with digitization. Now the question is how come it is possible for a parent to give right career guidance to his son or daughter. Well, this discussion doesn't lead to a one word answer, rather concerns various issues concerning the individual, family, society, approach and attitude of the whole domain as well. 
Most parents are criticized these days for pressurizing their kids unwontedly. Even there are ample examples, where children are rather compelled to study specific stream under tremendous expectation. Not only such a precarious situation creates havoc on the mindset of the student, but also makes the kid fearful of his daily chores. In this regard, the role of school is of great importance. School is termed as the second home for all students. Unfortunately, due to high student teacher ratio, it is often not possible for the teachers to look after each of the students in the class separately. There is no denying the fact that both slow learners and gifted children need special care in the class premises. Thus it is indeed tricky to motivate students in the class framework. Some traditional reinforcements can obviously be employed by the teacher in both summative and weekly or monthly assignments. The role of parents is a major throwback to all the cases of children becoming legends in their own fields. Parents know their kids better than other and they are also well aware of various strengths and weaknesses. They need to maintain a perfect balance between constructive criticism and reinforcements. There is no point in discouraging the children. Often in case of teenagers it is seen, parents have the habit of demotivating them, where they end up channelizing their positive energy in bad sectors. Thus it should not be forgotten that the self esteem and ego of children should not be hurt at any condition. 

One of the most important traits of a balanced parent is to have clear understanding of the opportunities available to their children. Side by side, he or she must be aware of the ground reality so that the estimated target from student's perspective shouldn't be utopian one. The bad old habit of being judgmental has to be left without any delay. Judging children is one the biggest roadblocks to career development of young boys and girls. A liberal approach not only helps in motivating the children, but also imbibes the entrepreneurship aspect to the concerned children. Parents may ask how come it would be possible for them to understand child's interest. This is another domain, which needs not only careful observation but a motivational approach from parents which would be bringing out the best from the children concerned. 

Giving a better career guidance is easier said than one. No doubt, giving career guidance is a specialized job as most career counsellors concentrate on that only. In this regard, from a layman's perspective, parents can certainly take help of the online psychometric career tests. From the results of those tests, they can have an idea on the needs of development in specific sectors. 

Parents in this regard can obviously stress on issues or domains like personality development or attitudinal development, reducing mental and physical stress along improved soft skills. These are some of the aspects which are beyond the scope of classroom teaching but significantly important in getting good jobs both in public and private domains of employment. In other words, parents can be true mentors in not only motivating their wards, but also channelize their positive energy in suitable domains, bringing much recognition in professions with gradual growth and development. Only then parents can be positive catalysts towards career development of their sons and daughters. 

Ranabir Bhattacharyya is a freelance writer for the last 5 years and have contributed for Time of India (Kolkata, Response), Rosevalley 365 din and MyIndMakers. Did his graduation from ST Xavier's College (Kolkata) and have a Post Graduate Diploma studies in Mass Communication from Jadavpur University. Ranabir is a social media enthusiast and always keen on writing and sharing his views. 

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