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What are the challenges faced by any budding book reviewer?

If you are all set in your mind to write a book review, you might just know that doing it is not that easy. And of course many of you are already aware of this and hence are trying to find some information regarding the challenges which any book reviewer might face. Well, then you are just at the right place. Though the very first inception of your book reviewing journey starts from reading a book and realizing the setting created by the author and also getting to know the characters.

But according to proclaimed book reviewer Natalie Walet, in order to be a really competent book reviewer one need to train oneself in reading between the lines and also particularly focus on the aspects which in general, readers might not get at the first read or overlook repeatedly. And keeping each of these complexities in mind it is always an added advantage when you already know the challenges faced by every book reviewer.

These challenges are as follows:
  1. Though every book review is different in its own essence but still there are just some basics which you should never overlook. You must remember that you are not there to make it more complex for the readers but instead to throw a considerable amount of light on the details of the subject matter in the book. It is always the matter of importance and therefore you must get across to the reader what you think is the most important aspect of the book.
  2. According to Natalie Walet, one of the foremost challenges faced by every book reviewer is describing the setting of the book with utmost of competency. Deciding the contrast of the book’s setting to the world you know can be quite tricky. It gets more so complicated when you review a book which is set in a completely different era. Therefore one has to focus on certain matters like whether the author treats the reader as a part of the setting. It is important that you are able to visualize the book’s setting when you close your eyes. And if you are able to do that then you can quite effectively provide your reader with the same setting and place which the author has established in the book.
  3. It is only regardless to say that the characters of a book counts for a lot. Therefore another tricky part is to describe the characters to the readers without giving away too much of intricacies so that the plot is not revealed in entirety. It is important for you to notice that whether the author is competent enough to make you believe in these characters as real people. Also you need to get across to your readers that whether you like the characters or dislike them and make sure to give valid reasoning supporting each.  
Therefore, now that you know the most common challenges faced by any book reviewer, you can particularly focus on improving in these areas.
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