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Working in Finance Can Be what you Have Been Waiting for

The truth is, working in finance can seem like a safe choice for a career. When you look at the career prospects of a finance graduate, you see navy blue suits, crunching numbers and creating charts. But really, there’s more to a career in finance than what meets the eye. With the right organization and the right choice, you have the potential to make a great and fulfilling career.
Below are some of the options a financial degree can offer;
1.     A financial advisor
Financial advisors are the people-persons of the finance world. Advisors build relationships by working with individual clients and families to help them make wise tax, insurance and investment decisions.
Some advisors go on to become certified financial planners to set themselves apart from other advisors with a nationally recognized designation.  Advisors can constantly move themselves up the ladder with designations and continued education which opens the door to higher levels of compensation.
If the idea of being self-employed, creating your own practice and controlling how you are compensated sounds exciting, this is a great career to consider.
2.     A financial analyst
Financial analysts are the economic examiners of the industry. Analysts are always in the know, and become experts in identifying economic, political and business trends and how these trends will affect their respective company’s investments.
An analyst may specialize in an industry, such as energy, or a country or region, such as the Middle East. They’re expected to learn the ins and outs of the business environment, culture and political conditions of their country or region.
As an analyst, you should be ready to specialize and become an expert in an industry or region. Though no doubt challenging, the reward of being regarded as a genius in your field makes this career path a great option for the success-driven, analytical mind.
3.     A financial manager
Financial managers are like the money doctors of the industry, managing the financial health of their respective company or organization. A financial manager often works as team leader with other financial professionals, overseeing the task of keeping his or her company in line with its goals. Meeting legal requirements, reducing costs and expansion opportunities are at the top of their to-do list.
Landing a job as a financial manager won’t be easy. You’ll face competition for this prestigious position, but the salary should be plenty of motivation.
If the above peaks your interest, you must first start by completing your degree from a reputable institution. It is also an added advantage if you go ahead and get yourself a master’s degree in the same field. The competition for finance jobs is very high, although the perks are many and job satisfaction rates are growing every day. The problem most graduates face is lack of patience in climbing the financial ladder. A little patience goes a long way. Even if you have to start from an internship position, you will get there. Do not give up hope.
Mark Spencer is a financial analyst at a top brokerage firm in New York City. He works for http://www.leasequit.com/ on a part-time basis rendering his expert advice to clients.
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