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4 Fertility Testing ELISA kits For Mothers

Women looking to have children go through depressing moments. Knowing that you might not be able to have a child/ children when you really want to is heartbreaking; however, you should not lose hope because your fertility specialist or gynecologist can carry out tests that could help in sorting out the problem. Getting pregnant is always interplay of hormones and your body not cooperating might be one of the reasons for being unable to conceive.

Elaborate tests carried out can pinpoint the issue and you might eventually get a child. Enzyme-linked immunoassays are elaborate and specific and can detect the slightest change in proteins associated with specific fertility issues.

1.      E Elisa Kits

Also called Estrogen ELISA kits, this is a test kit that uses the competitive format to determine the amount of estrogen and its presence as well. Estrogen is a primary sex hormone present naturally but can also be found in oral contraceptives and in hormone replacement therapy for postmenopausal and transgender women.

In a competitively inhibited environment, estrogen is conjugated with horseradish peroxide. The more the estrogen in the sample the less the antibody bound to horseradish. These ELISA test kits are readily available for scientists upon ordering online or through making calls.

2.      Hepc25 ELISA kits

Human Hepcidin 25, also called Hepc25, is found in serum and plasma. It exists as an amino acid and is encoded by HAMP gene.  It regulates entry of iron into circulation by reducing iron transport across the gut mucosa. It also reduces extrusion of macrophages by reducing ferroportin, the iron transporter.  The levels are high when the body is under abnormally high inflammatory conditions and could indicate a problem in pregnant mothers when the body launches an autoimmune response against the developing fetus.

It also utilizes the competitive ELISA assay, increasing its sensitivity .Hepc25 is bound to the immobilized body then a biotin conjugated antibody is added to the wells. Avidin conjugated horseradish peroxide is then added after washing. Color develops in proportion to amount of bound Hepc25.

3.      Estradiol EIA kit

This ELISA test kit assays body fluid plasma levels of 17beta-Estardiol are used to assay for fertility. Estradiol is considered the most potent form of estrogen and is responsible for reproduction, development of secondary female characteristics in females, breast growth and maturation of long bones. Using an immunosorbent competitive assay, enzyme conjugate and estradiol in the sample compete for binding sites on the antibody-coated plate. Extent of color development is inversely proportional to estradiol levels.

4.      Zearalanone-HRP 

Another protein tested in ELISA assays to determine the cause of abortion and infertility in females, especially in swine. Zearalanone is a mycotoxin that causes these problems. It is detected in competitive immunoassays and scientists say that the research is promising and could be exclusively used in humans soon.

More research is being done by scientists to determine causes of infertility and in the future, there will be advanced and faster ways of diagnosing infertility and reversing the problem. These scientific processes are very important to ensure that mothers have children when they want to and also promote surrogacy in permanently irreversible instances.

ELISA assay kits are easily available to scientists, customized to the species under consideration and only prepared when the order is made. This gives you more value for your money.

Rachael Peter is a certified medical officer who has over 7 years in the field of medicine. She has used Elisa test kits severally when attending many mothers. She has written intensively on maters to do with pregnancy. Visit her blog for more information.
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