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5 Reasons to File Your Disability Claim Now!

Deciding to file a disability claim is akin to admit that you have a disability, whether short term or long term.  In fact, without expert medical opinion it may be impossible to know whether your disability is long or short term.
The majority of people do not like admitting that there is something wrong with them; especially something that can affect their life long term.  However, if you have experienced an accident or illness which has resulted in a disability, you have a right to claim on your insurance policy.
You may wish to consult with a professional before undertaking a claim yourself.  It is a complex area of the law and the assistance of someone who knows and works with disability claims on a regular basis will prove to be an invaluable assistance.  Many top firms, such as ShareLawyers.com, who are based in Ontario, offer a free consultation and a variety of tips on their websites.  They will be able to advise you the best course of action to follow; they pride themselves on ensuring the customer is always placed first.
They will also help you to process your claim properly, something which should be done now; for the following reasons:
1.       Time Limits
Every claim has a specified time limit in which it must be submitted.  This period may be the amount of time which has passed since the first consultation, or it might be the time since the accident or sickness started.
There are also time limits on all correspondence going backwards and forwards between you and your insurance company.  You must adhere to these limits to avoid your claim being dismissed on a technical issue.
2.       Records
In the early days of your disability you may be focused on improving your health and not on any possible claim.  This can often result in a lack of detailed records for the first stages of your claim.  The moment you become aware that you may need to make a disability claim you must collect all the information and proof that you can and record it for use in your claim.  The sooner you do this the fresher it will be in your head.
3.       Honesty
It is essential to be honest with your doctor and insurance company right from the start.  This will ensure that your disability claim cannot be dismissed on a technicality later on and leave you with nothing when you need it most.  Being honest from the start will enable you to get your claim rolling much earlier and easier than if you are not honest about your disability.
4.       Health
Recovering from, or learning to live with a disability must be your top priority.  The only way of doing this successfully is to get your disability claim in as early as possible; preferably through the services of a good law firm.  This will enable you to focus on your health and minimize the damage to your health.
5.       Finances
Your finances can become limited very quickly if you suddenly get a short or long term disability.  No matter how much your reserves are, without an income you will be extremely limited as to what you can achieve.  By acting right away and starting your disability claim you will minimize the amount of time you need to survive on your own savings and, potentially, improve your chances of recovery.
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