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7 Reasons You Should Not Keep Electronic Gadgets in Your Bedroom

Do you face difficulty of sleeping? Are you getting insomniac? Then before going to doctor, you should check out your lifestyle. Whether you stay in your own flat or in a house for rent in Bangalore or any other cities, certain change in habits can give you stress free life. Did you know that keeping electronic gadgets at your bedroom hamper your lifestyle? We, generally, keep our phones, laptops and computers, television, etc. inside our bedroom. And many of us have the habit of staying late and surfing these gadgets. Let see why experts advice not to keep these at our bedroom.

1.      Blue Light Hampers the Work of Melatonin-
While staying in rent house in Bangalore, I often stayed awaken long and watched TV at night. But, after that I couldn’t sleep. Now I know why. The medical researches have shown that the blue light emits from phones, television or laptop, hampers the working of Melatonin. It is a hormone that makes us sleepy. While the light disturbs its work, we stay awake for long, eventually.
2.      Keeps You Stimulated-
Watching a programme before bed or playing video games before going to sleep keep your mind stimulated and you become stressed and anxious about the happenings of the programmes or the stage of your game. This distracts you from sleeping and insomnia is the result.
3.      Weight Gain-
We often get surprised that why we’re not losing weight after doing so much dieting and exercising. This is just because you’re not maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Sound sleep for 6-8 hours a day is must for every human being. But, working late night in computer, watching late night matches or talking over phones can hamper your sleep which is a crucial reason for not losing weight.
4.      Health is being Affected-
An international medical research has shown that teens who stay late and remain busy with television, laptop or phones can suffer from impaired memories, poor concentration, lethargy and fatigue, wrong biological timing and lots of other health disasters. They even lack the power of decision making which in turn hamper their study and job.
5.      Exposure to Radiation-
How many of you have the habit of keeping the phone beside your pillow while going to sleep? Lots of hands will rise. Do you know that your phones always emit a non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation which enters into your body tissue and can cause health problems, even cancer?
6.      Makes You Unsocial-
You think world is inside your room as you have all the gadgets there. Instead of keeping the television there, mount it at the living room make by gurgaon real estate where you can spend your time with your friends and family.
7.      Affects Children-
You should keep electronic gadgets outside your bedroom so that they can go to bed at time and their performance at school never be hampered. This will make your children to socialize too. Also fix the time of using these gadgets and don’t change the terms.
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