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Can Plus Size Women Wear Crop Tops Comfortably?

Crop tops for women are the most popular garments right now. Women are wearing them in many different ways creating unique looks for themselves. However, there was a controversy regarding crop tops and plus size women, some time ago. Therefore, it was understood that although the crop tops are very popular among women, there is still a part of the female population who has not embraced this new fashion trend. That part is the plus size women population. Many women who are plus size are interested in wearing these trendy and cool crop tops but are not wearing them because of the fear of negative comments and opinions of other people. Many plus size women also think that they will not look good in crop tops due to their weight and body shape. However, this is totally wrong. Anyone can wear these stylish crop tops and carry them well irrespective of their weight and body shape. There are some ways in which you can wear the crop tops without feeling awkward and uncomfortable.

Generally, there are three body shapes as far as plus size women are concerned. First is the apple shaped body, secondly is pear shaped and third is hour glass shaped. Wearing crop tops for women of plus size is no problem for any woman. They just have to know their best feature and highlight them and take away the attention from the weak features of their body.

The ways in which the plus size women can wear crop tops

·         The women with hourglass figure can wear the crop tops without hesitation. If they want to take away the attention from their hips, then they can wear long crop tops and flowy and lightweight material. This way they won’t feel bulky even if an additional layer is there.

·         Plus size women can pair their crop tops with cardigans, blazers or open shirts which will make them comfortable as they won’t be showing off too much skin.

·         You can also try an open button down shirts over the crop tops as it takes away the attention from your hips and adds another layer to your outfit.

·         Wearing high waist bottom wear is the best policy for plus size women who want to wear crop tops. This way you will only show a thin strip of your midriff and you will be comfortable.

·         Wearing halter neck crop tops is also another option for the plus size women who have pear shaped body. This will highlight their narrow shoulders and make them look their best.

·         You can opt for pleated, high waist skirts and pair them with a crop top and blazer for a classy look.

·         It is important to wear crop top which is a perfect fit for you. It should not be too tight or too baggy for you.

·         Wearing solid color crop tops with bottom wear in bright colors and prints will look best on plus size women.

·         Wearing coordinated crop top and skirt is one of the best ways to carry it well.

What you have to remember is that only you can decide the outfit in which you feel comfortable and relaxed. If you want to wear these beautiful crop tops for women, then you have to be confident and comfortable about your own body. Then only you will be carrying these tops well. This is true about all the garments. You can carry an outfit very well only if you feel confident and relaxed in it. Accessories and footwear also play an important role in carrying a crop top well. You can add scarves, hats to your outfit to make it look trendy. Ankle boots, sneakers, and classic heels also add grace and uniqueness to your look. Pairing the crop tops with other top wear such as shirts, sweatshirts and blouses also work well for everyone. Just listen to your instincts and wear that favorite crop top in style!
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