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How To Stay Motivated for The AIPMT Exam

Every Indian parent dreams of seeing their children make it big in the entrance exams like AIPMT or JEE and become a successful engineer or a doctor. Every student wants to make their parents proud. But sometimes, in certain circumstances that alone is not enough. 

Let’s put it this way, everyone wants to ace the AIPMT entrance exam with top scores but only a few manage to do so. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that a student who scores well in your school will only do well or an average student will not. Doing well in an exam is not just about preparing as per the books and AIPMT syllabus, it’s about preparing yourself mentally as well. With the AIPMT 2016 just around the corner and the AIPMT dates already announced with AIPMT application deadline well past already, the students are under heavy pressure. It’s of at most importance that the students do not become afraid or declined at the impending exam that will take place soon. Students as well as their parents must ensure that the students are motivated and positive, not just before the exam but after it as well. 

Here is a list of pointers to keep yourself motivated as the AIPMT 2016 exam approaches-

Ø  Be Positive And Confident- This is a must have a motto for all AIPMT aspirants. But the trick is not be too over-confident or to be too assuming. You must have confidence in your capabilities and preparation. One must remember that last minute depression or fear will most certainly affect your performance in the exam and definitely not in a good way. Do not listen too much to the opinion of others that might hamper your spirits and try not to over think everything you hear either. Meditation is a very good practice that will help you maintain your inner equilibrium and help you stay positive.
Ø  Time Management- Time management and planning plays a very important role in helping you stay motivated. No amount of time is enough or sufficient for preparing for any entrance exam, but the thought of having utilized the amount of time available to you efficiently is itself a major motivator and helps boost your self-reassurance. Plan your study schedule ahead of time and stick to it, no matter what. It will be hard at first, but trust me you will thank yourself later for doing the same.
Ø  Don’t take shortcuts but instead study smart- Studying hard in itself is not important but studying smart is. While taking shortcuts might seem enough and sufficient in the beginning, you will regret it as your exam nears as you will clearly realize how unprepared you really are and that will eventually lead you to panicking. By taking shortcuts, you are evidently cutting your chances of succeeding in the entrance exams. Don’t get tempted by the easy way out, study smart, be thorough.
Ø  Think Big: Don’t get deterred by the numerous myths and stories that you will hear on your way to preparing for the exam. Most of all, do not let yourself be pulled down by them for any matter. Think big, not everyone is the same and your experience is unique from everyone else who is or has taken up the entrance exam. Even while preparing, you might get overwhelmed every now and then,but think of the bigger picture and keep pushing yourself forward.
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