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Pay a Visit to Shirdi Exploring the Points of Interest in The Town

One of the top pilgrimage sites in India, Shirdi is one of the most visited places in Maharashtra. Another Mecca for hindus all over the world, you can reach from Mumbai or Pune to Shirdi by taxi in a span of few hours. This article talks about Shirdi’s points of interest.

The blessed town in Maharashtra, known as Shirdi, is held in utmost respect by Hindus from all over the world.  All of this owes to the fact that this small town was the place where the well known hindu saint, Sai Baba spent most of his life and was laid to rest. Individuals visit the town from all over the world to pay homage in the iconic Sai Baba temple of Shirdi.

Shirdi lies very close to Pune and Mumbai. Approaching Pune to Shirdi by taxi is the best and fool proof mode of transport. Mentioned below are the places you must definitely visit during your trip to Chopta Accommodation.

Sai Baba Temple 

Located at the heart of the town, this houses the samadhi of Sai Baba. Today, Shirdi houses the Sai Baba Temple, which includes a wonderful icon of the Baba, alongside his samadhi. Known as Shree Shirdi Sai Mandir, the sanctuary was developed by Shreemant Gopalrao, a Nagpur-based business who was a passionate fan of Sai Baba. The temple opens at 4 am in the morning and close by 10 pm at night.


Dwarakamayi is the name of the mosque where Baba dwelled for an unbroken range of 60 years till his Samadhi in 1918. The structure has been revamped and houses the Dhuni the flame that Baba constantly continued blazing. The flares are never permitted to bite the dust and the Dhuni today is the same that Baba lit more than 100 years back. Moreover, some of Baba's articles, for example, his crushing stone, chimney, a stone on which he used to sit are situated in the Dwarakamayi


Each other day, Baba used to rest in the Chavadi, a couple meters far from the Dwarakamayi. To this very day, on Thursday evenings, Baba's foot shaped impressions are taken in a stylized parade from Dwarakamayi to Chavadi. The importance of Chavadi is 'town office'. It is trusted that Sai baba used to rest in this spot. There is a picture of Baba inside Chavadi painted by a man named Abraham from Navsari, Gujarat. The main customary parade of Baba's padukas and photo – from Masjid (Dwarkamai) to chavadi is the parade (palkhi).

One of the Shirdi points of interestthat does not have anything to do with Sai Baba, Ramkund is named such in light of the fact that it is said that Lord Rama had cleaned up there. It is additionally trusted that Rama had performed the otherworldly ceremonies of his dad "Dashrath" in this lake. A dunk in this lake is considered as a perfect ordeal. The pioneers say it is a sacrosanct place and visit at the season of Kumbh Mela. The inundated fiery debris of somebody after death are consumed by the water of this lake. It is an extraordinary social affair for voyagers.

Lendi Baug

Lendi Baug is the greenhouse where Sai Baba used to go day by day, for watering the plants. He used to go there each morning and evening and rest under a Neem tree. Other than the tree is Nandadeep, a deepak (diya) that used to lit by the Baba regular in the pit burrowed by him. Today, the pit has been changed over into a marble deepgriha (beacon), with a glass enclose which the profound keeps on blazing.
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