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The Most Coveted Medical Examinations in India That No Aspiring Doctor Can Afford to Ignore

The medical profession is respectful, satisfactory, and very much profitable. Modern medical professionals need to be academically brilliant, compassionate, and skilled in their domain. Moreover, the individuals need to have a hunger to learn about the healthcare and medicine. There are strategies that one can use in this regard. 

Use the web to prepare for competitive examinations

The website, nowadays, has enough information that can help the aspiring doctors to prepare for the different competitive examinations. From the online resources, it becomes easier for the students to know the type of questions they can confront in the competitive examinations like the AIPMT 2016 or the AIIMS. To appear for the competitive examinations for undergraduate programs to the premier institutes, the individuals need to have passed 10+2 with a minimum of 60% marks for science subjects.

Strategies, the students need to use to be successful during medical examinations

There are some strategies that the students need to use in order to be successful at the coveted medical examinations in India.

        There are online forums that aid the students in the preparation for the coveted examinations like the AIPMT, AFMC.
        Look at the previous year’s question papers and other resources, so that you can stay updated on the latest syllabus, format. Check online for news concerning the AIPMT 2016 schedule, its format, and syllabus.
        Look for details pertaining to other competitive examinations.
        It is important to take online courses, and consultancy sessions to gather the required knowledge for attending the competitive examinations.

Apply for more than one exam

Sometimes, it is prudent to apply for more than one examination. The reason is simple. Competitive examinations like the AIPMT are tough and it requires the student to be quite thorough with the studies. Apart from that, candidates are expected to exercise a correct combination of strategy that will help them to steer them forward in their way of success. Observations reveal that, despite taking best preparations, students fail to deliver at the entrance tests. Therefore, it is all the important on the part of the students to apply for more than one examination. By doing so, for some educated students have the chances of getting selected in more than one ranking in Entrance examinations.

The important medical Entrance Examinations
The important examinations that the student community can consider are as follows:-
The All India Institute of Medical Sciences

The AIIMS offer academic programs like the MBBS to candidates who qualify to study in it. It is hailed as one of the country’s premier educational institute. Despite the fact that only a few seats are available for admission in this institute, still, annually, thousands apply to study in this institute. 

All India Post Graduate Medical/Dental Entrance Exams (AIPGMEE)

Many students are keen to pursue a career in research on Medicine. The All India Institute of Medical Sciences offers academic opportunities so that students can pursue research in the field of their choice according to the AIPGMEE program. It is a post graduation course and to apply for it the candidate concern need to have a MBBS or a BDS degree. This program is ideally suited for those students who are interested in pursuing an active research on medicine and healthcare. 

Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC Entrance)

The AFMC is located in Pune. If you are interested to be a part of the military establishment, as medical officers, then AFMC is the examination that you need to sit. The eligibility criteria of the students sitting for the AFMC exams, is that the students need to have cleared the 10+2/equivalent exams  with 60% marks in the science subjects.  

By seriously preparing for these exams, you gain enough knowledge to be eligible for other educational and medical institutes in the country. Therefore, there are many reasons why you need to apply for these examinations. 
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