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Top 3 Antivirus Software 2016

Today, with the explosion of information on internet space, more and more users are getting connected to World Wide Web. With such scenario, the threat of internet attacks has also disseminated into different forms. As a result, many popular antivirus developers have come up with the latest updates, which are now available in most of the popular e-commerce portals. Let us have a glance at the top 3 Antivirus software programs for 2016.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2016

It aims at offering premium protection for you and your family. It shields your data from web-based threats and viruses by using an extra layer of protection while you are indulged in shopping and online banking.

The following features make it one of the most reliable antiviruses in the market. It safeguards your data from internet threats, spyware and viruses. It defends you from identity theft and ensures your privacy. It maintains a safety shield that saves your kids from Internet hazards. It serves with flawless security that helps you accelerate faster with your data. Apart from this, the seamless customer service plays a very vital role in making the product as one of the world-class choices in the segment.

McAfee Total Protection

Viruses are the most integral part of the internet threat today. Get McAfee to completely safeguard your data from all the known internet hazards. It’s one of the prominent antiviruses popular across the globe. Home network version helps you to remain secure from malware, spyware, thieves and phishing.

It armors your system from major threats like trojans, viruses, root kits and spyware. It instantly quarantines, detects and blocks viruses and malwares to prevent damage to your PC.
The advanced vulnerability scanner checksthe mapping status of the software with the PC and checks if any updating is required and accordingly it gets updated.

The two-way firewall is responsible to scan data movement in and out your system so as to prevent any data to get connected with known botnets and suspicious servers. It keeps an eye on the Wi-Fi of your home even when you are out by blocking unknown devices from accessing your Wi-Fi. You can find the best deal for this antivirus with Snapdeal online shopping as it offers almost up to 80% off.

Stop Virus

It is one of the promptestantiviruses in the market that protects your system with its proactive security solutions. It helps your computer to be up and running 24X7.The advanced detection mechanism helps you detect the data threat and eradicate it before it becomes a blunder for your PC. Real time response to threats will guarantee fastest protection to all new threats. The antivirus is very easy to install and it does not slow down your PC.

All these three antiviruses are extensively available now, but be clever and get some good deals from deal sites like Couponhaat. From here, you can download lucrative coupons that will help you save significantly on each purchase of antivirus.
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