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A Comprehensive Guide To Crack The JEE

Practice makes a man perfect and continuous study, self evaluation and doing a SWOT analysis are some integral aspects of practicing. Practice is the mother of preparation as the more one practices, the more prepared he is. Though we cannot practice for appearing in the exams life takes, we can definitely practice more and more for preparing for exams like JEE. JEE or Joint Entrance is a national level entrance examination for engineering aspirants. It is also the main examination to crack for getting admission into the elite engineering institutes like the IITs and the NITs. After completion of the course, one is bound to land in a reputed organization with a lucrative payout. So, students, right after class ten enroll themselves into the best coaching for IIT.

The First Steps

JEE is a tough exam to crack and if a properly chalked out routine is not followed, one will never succeed in cracking it. In the previous years JEE was a two-tier exam, wherein two separate exams were held. Later, it was categorized into JEE Main and JEE Advance admit card. It is generally suggested that one should start preparing at least two years before the exam two get good scores.

Only high scores can ensure admission into the premier institutions. These two years are sufficient to crack the exam if one makes an organized study plan. Both the exams cover the same topics but the difference is in their difficulty levels. As only, few among many aspirants are selected finally, one can expect tough questions. Nowadays not only students, but also their parents are anxious to get into the best engineering colleges. So, IIT coaching is started right after class ten. Many students also leave their cities and go to places like Kota which is known for having some of the best institutions offering IIT training.

Some Basic But Effective Procedures

There are some basic steps which always yield positive results. The never failing steps are:
  1. Target the fundamentals: The fundamentals should be cleared. As the foundation of a building should be strong for a firm structure, similarly the fundamentals have to be clear to have a deep foundation and knowledge in the subject. The CBSE class 12 syllabus has to be very well understood to have a confident approach towards the exam.
  2. Analysis of the syllabus: The topics in the exam have to be prioritized according to thee marks they carry. The main topics should be done first.
  3. Revision of the entire syllabus: Revision of the entire syllabus is the most important thing to be kept in mind as often lack of revision is responsible for forgetting what has been learnt in the past.
  4. Time management: One must start practicing right after one has covered the entire syllabus, to finish both the exams on time. There is a stipulated time period for the exam to get over and it can be only utilized to the fullest with greatest duration of practice.  
The Final Approach

One thing that has to be kept in mind is that JEE is not an exam to test how many questions one can solve in a fixed period of time. It is one of the best exams to test the in-depth knowledge of a student in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. There are some prescribed text books which are best for clearing the exam. CBSE 12 syllabus has to be ideally followed for aiming this prestigious exam.

Class 12 Physics syllabus, Chemistry syllabus and Mathematics syllabus should be known beforehand.  Joining well known institutions and guides and teachers, is a very crucial step one can take to get good score. No, important concept should be left out. Previous years questions come handy in the preparation stage. The aspirants should also keep themselves abreast of all the recent developments and changes in the pattern and format of the exam. The score in this exam steers the life towards a positive direction and thus requires a constant and dedicated effort. It is also to be kept in mind that one gets maximum two attempts to clear the Advance stage of the exam. So the students should try to get the best out of the time they get to prepare.                                                                                                                                                                           
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