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Discover Some New Materials Used To Make Men’s wedding bands

A wedding band is very important to a couple on their big day. It solidifies the vows that they have made to each other. It sets them in stone and is a constant reminder to the couple that they are married. The material to use for the wedding bands is important too. 

Some materials represent traditional values while others represent modern values of marriage. A gold wedding band is traditional and indicates that the couple subscribes to traditional wedding vows. A wedding band that is made of stainless steel means that the couple subscribes to modern values of marriage. 

There are many materials that can be used to make wedding bands. Examples of these are:

  1. Titanium
  2. Rose gold
  3. Platina 4
  4. Cobalt chrome
  5. Black ceramic
Titanium metal

This is a strong and light material that can be used to make a wedding band. It is very popular today due to its unique appearance. It resists scratches. Moreover, it is light and strong enough to stay wearable. It does not contain any nickel and therefore does not cause any allergies. Titanium also does not tarnish over time. It is often used in the aerospace sector. Thus, it is a great choice of material for wedding bands.

Black ceramic wedding bands

This is one of the hardest materials known today. Black ceramic is in the same category of hardness as diamonds. Thanks to its black, deep shine, this amazing material is a great substitute for gold bands in your wedding. 

The only other material that can make a significant scratch on black ceramic is diamonds. As such, men’s wedding bands that are made of this material are very durable and will last for a long time. This material is black and glossy. It never fades and also does not show any signs of wear and tear. 

Cobalt chrome wedding bands

Wedding bands that are made of this material are not coated with any other metals so as to ensure they stay  good-looking. Cobalt chrome retains its shine throughout and never fades. This metal does not cause any allergic reactions. Moreover, it does not break and actively resists scratches. 

Wedding bands that are made of cobalt chrome are heavy and feel like premium items. They also have rounded corners, making them easier to wear. Cobalt has been used in the medical sector for many years. As such, you can trust that it is friendly and ideal for your skin.

Rose gold wedding bands

This is a refreshing, unique take on gold. Many people know of yellow gold and use it for their wedding bands. Rose gold is more unique and is made by combining gold with a copper alloy. This results in a reddish, gold-colored metal. It is very stylish.

It is very resistant to scratches. The color does not fade over time. Moreover, it is fashionable and chic. As such, if you are an urban, modern man, a rose gold wedding band is a great material to pick.

Platina 4 wedding band metal

One of the most unique metals available today is platina 4. It is made of a combination of palladium, gold, silver and platinum. Thanks to the host of high-grade metals in its makeup, this metal is able to maintain a shiny, white surface throughout its lifetime.

This unique metal does not cause any allergies. By using some warm water and soap, you can clean wedding bands that are made of this metal. In addition to that, you can also use an ultrasonic cleaner to achieve the same effect. It does not get scratches and is more resistant to scuffs than 14 carat gold. This means that platina 4 is a great metal to use for wedding bands.
You should pick a type of metal that represents you as a husband. Urban materials are ideal for modern men while traditional materials are for those that prefer to keep things classic.

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