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Have you been washing your face the right way?

Washing the face seems like such a simple task but it is surprising the number of people who always get it wrong. There is an art of washing the face to achieve glowing and healthy skin. There are three important things about cleaning your face that you should achieve with every wash. Your face should be clean, toned and moisturized before you go to bed or put on your make up in the morning. It is crucial to wash your face before going to bed as this is when your skin naturally rejuvenates. Here are a few simple tips for washing your face:

Cleanser removes dirt and make up from your face

Simply using baby wipes or a wet towel before bed is not enough to remove all the makeup and dirt build up during the day. At the end of the day, your pores are often clogged with dirt, oil and piles of makeup. This is one of the reasons for breakouts on the face. You should use lukewarm water to wash your face as hot water is too drying for the skin. A cleanser helps to dislodge the dirt from the skin and hydrates it. After washing with the cleanser, dab the skin dry, rubbing stretches the skin and causes wrinkles.

The oil cleaning method

You can choose an oil-cleansing method to clean your face, especially if you have very oily skin. The principle for oil cleansing the face is ‘like dissolves like’. The oil can remove dirt, impurities and even oil from your face. Using natural oils such as Ayurvedic products, massage your skin to dissolve the oils that have hardened on the skin clogging the pores. You can finish off by applying steam using a hot face towel to wipe away the dirty oil from the face. 

Toning the face 

A little toner can help target problem areas on the face. Most people have an oily T-zone, the forehead and nose area. You just need to dub a cotton ball into a little toner and rub it into the problem areas of your face. One cotton ball is enough.

Anti aging serum

Applying an anti aging serum to your skin is the icing on the cake. You can get anti-aging serums from your local drug store or even buy them online. Just make sure the product is organic and clinically tested and approved. These serums can address specific issues with the skin such as wrinkles, redness and dark spots among other issues. You can mix the serum with your moisturizer if you do not want to spend too much time working on your face. Choose heavy moisturizers for the night and ones with SPF during the day. 

Eye cream 

Finish off with an eye cream because the area under the eye has very thin skin and needs to be well moisturized. Simply pat a pea-sized amount of cream under the eye before applying your make up or before going to bed after washing your face. 

Breanne Nielson is a cosmetologist who specializes in skin care products for women. You can find a selection of anti-aging serums from our site.
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