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How Much Will My Accident Lawyers Cost Me?

Accident lawyers make their money by winning personal injury cases on a no win, no fee basis. Should your claim be successful, your accident lawyer will be paid in one of two ways:
  1. Your solicitor will-Recover their costs from the other side.
  2. Your solicitor will take a percentage of your compensation to cover their costs.
Which method applies to you should be clearly explained to you at the beginning of the claims process. If your solicitor will cover their fees by taking a percentage of your compensation do not worry – this is normal practice.

How much will my accident lawyer cost me?

Accident lawyers set their own hourly rate and their own success fee. However, solicitors can only take a maximum of 25% of the compensation value as a fee. So should your claim be successful, you will at a minimum get to keep 75% of your compensation. 

Plenty of solicitors take the maximum amount regardless of hours worked – such solicitors should definitely be avoided. You want to take on a solicitor who charges a fair fee based on the amount of work they put into your case. If your case takes a lot of effort, then a 25% fee is fair under the circumstances. So on a £10,000 payout, you will get £7,500.

The solicitor’s bill itself should clearly show the dates between which your case was worked and it should provide a breakdown of costs. The costs involved will be non-contentious if there were no court proceedings or contentious if there were court proceedings. If you are unclear about any aspect of your bill, you should seek clarification from your solicitor.

A law firm like http://www.accidentadvicehelpline.co.uk/personal-injury-claims/ will aim to get you a better breakdown of costs as soon as possible, so that you are clear about your legal bill.

Should your claim be unsuccessful, then you won’t have to pay your own solicitor’s fees, however you may still rack up bill from the other side. This will be sent to you if your claim loses so it’s incredibly important that you take our an After the Event (ATE) insurance policy prior to making a claim and also that you know about the risks of no win, no fee.

Your solicitor should explain all of this to you, however you can find out more about this online using Bing or Google. Simply search for ‘no win no fee risks’ and you will have plenty of information. It’s also important to consider that not all claims will be taken on by a solicitor – sometimes, a case may be too weak to realistically take on. Whatever the case, you should contact an accident advice helpline for advice before making a claim.
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