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How to Use Shaving Cream for the Ultimate Smooth Shave

Believe it or not, men have been using shaving cream since 3000BC when it was first documented. Although the shaving cream used back then was a lot different from the one you available today, it is how well you use the cream that determines how smooth your shave is. Let us focus on how best to use the shaving cream.

Why is the cream better than the gel and foams?

Before we look at how to use the shaving cream, it is important to understand why the cream is a better choice. Shaving foams or gels are engineered for speed, simplicity and flexibility rather than performance. Although they are good in creating lather, they have two flaws:
  • They dry out fast. This can make shaving uncomfortable especially for persons with sensitive skin.
  • The lather doesn’t get to the roots of your hair. What this means is that the hair follicles will not be as soft, giving more room for irritation and bumps after shaving.

Buy a shaving brush 

Even though you have been using your hands for years, you should consider buying a shaving brush. The shaving brush will benefit you by removing dead skin cells, evenly spreading the cream on all the hair strands and creating a rich creamy lather. When you start using a shaving brush, you will notice fewer or no razor bumps, blemishes and skin irritation after shaving.

How to build lather
A creamy lather is important for a clean and smooth shave with no irritation, cuts or burns. There are three steps to building a creamy lather when using shaving cream for men:
Soak the shaving brush in hot water for a couple of minutes. Get rid of the excessive water to prevent dripping.
  • Pour a few drops of water into a shaving bowl or mug. Add a dime-sized amount of the shaving cream into the mug/ bowl.
  • Swirl the brush until foam builds up. As you continue to swirl, the cream will turn into a thick lather.

If the lather is too thick, add a few drops of water and continue swirling. On the other hand, if the foam is too dilute, continue swirling until it thickens. If the foam doesn’t thicken after a few seconds, add more shaving cream and continue swirling.

It is also important to note that you can skip the mug/bowl and lather directly on your face. To do this, your face needs to be wet and your shaving brush should also be wet. Put a dime-sized amount of the cream on each cheek and use the shaving brush to swirl on the cheeks for a few seconds for the foam to form.

There are different ways of lathering. You can even use your bare palms to lather on your face. All in all, lathering on a mug/bowl first then applying it on your beard is the best way.

After applying lather, you can go on and shave. Make sure your blade is sharp and don’t go against the grain. Be gentle for the best results.

Luke Brian is a keen blogger covering men’s health. With a history of dealing with irritation after shaving, he strives to educate men on the best ways to shave. Visit Vi-tae.com for more information.
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