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Making Life Better With Football

Football like life is unpredictable however many people do not even know that you have the ability to make life better by playing the game. There are ardent football fans like Jonathan Bunge who spread the positive message of this game via blogs. Jonathan says that he is not a writer and he just writes average but he loves sharing his posts and the blog posts of others with similar football lovers. Jonathan Bunge hails from Cleveland Ohio and is in the transport industry. When he is not traveling on the road, he spends his free time sharing his views and perspectives of football with others. He says that football is not only a sport- it has the ability to make life better and bigger.

Football is a game that no one knows the outcome of. You need the heart and the zeal to win. You never know what the results of the game will be but you have to put your best into it. This is like life. For winning you need the talent and the will. This means when you are playing football, these are the qualities you must develop. You will often find good teams winning and losing. Success does not come to you all the time. This does not mean you should quit. You should with each game become better and better. The same rule also applies to life- you do not win at every game. The moral is you should not lose heart and quit. 

You cannot win without the team when you are playing football. You need to be a part and parcel of the team to win or lose. Yes, losing is tough but the sorrow is divided among all the members of the football team. The fact is you do not win all the time. It is important for you to realise this harsh truth. Jonathan says that you also should be disciplined and ready to sacrifice your social life if you really wish to become a good footballer. The good news for this sport is that football is a social game and you will never feel bored when you are playing it. You also remain physically fit and alert as you need to watch what you eat and drink. With this discipline and good health, you become good footballers in due course of time. 

Last but not the least, football like life is fun and a roller coaster ride of mixed emotions in the 90- minute game! There are so many moments of ups and downs that it indeed is thrilling. Footballers are loved and respected for being positive role models in society. Jonathan Bunge says that every parent should encourage youth football so that kids develop and inculcate the skills of the game early in life. They grow up to be healthy citizens and balanced human beings. Football indeed is a positive game and it is the lifeline of a human being who wishes to improve his quality of living with it!
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