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Blog like a pro with the copywriting scorecard for bloggers

Anyone with an idea and an internet connection can open a blog. So simple! Unfortunately blogging isn’t all about creating a blog and aimlessly posting random content. Although everyone is familiar with the rules and the fundamental concept they forget that only proper implementation of the theory makes you a successful blogger. There are times when you miss out on simple details that could cost you the credibility of your blog.

To err is human. It is through a series of trail and errors that you’ll learn the basics of blogging. But wouldn’t it be easy if there was a mentor? A guide who could show you the right way? Imagine a scenario where you had a personal editor who would give you professional inputs for the content before you post in on your blog. Amazing isn’t it?

Well the new book “The Copywriting Scorecard for Bloggers” launched by ProBlogger is just what you need to become a celebrity in the blogging community! Co-authored by professional copywriters and bloggers Darren Rowse (ProBlogger) and Glenn Murray (Divine Write), this is the bible for blogging! Available in e-book format, it consists of 100 point checklist of 63 pointers further divided into four sections namely writing, scannability, search engine optimization (SEO) and grammar. It is the yardstick to measure the quality of your content before you publish it online.

For a budding blogger it is very important that he/she establishes a solid reader base. For that he/she must post content that is attractive, unique and authentic. The ProBlogger scorecard guides you through the process of writing content that is correct and innovative. It also prevents you from missing out on the small details or make small but significant errors that could determine the future of your blog. It is a tool for self-assessment that you can use to judge the quality of your post. This scorecard systematically lists the dos and don’ts of blogging to help you post content that looks professional.

This e-book is perfect for newbies who find themselves lost in this wide web of blogging business. A checklist of sorts, you can use it to critically analyse your content. Replete with the common errors, and recommendations that you can use, this book is the perfect grading device for bloggers who are unsure of their content.

Rank your post according to the 100 point checklist and get your score! A higher score means better quality content that is ready to be published. A low score means you’d have to do some introspection and figure out the mistakes in your content and rectify them. It gives you the opportunity to fully exploit your potential and also improve and better yourself.

It gives the blogger the much needed confidence that his post would be appreciated by his readers. This book is so much more than just a checklist! It is full of useful tips and examples of some very commonly made errors that can be avoided and suggestions that can be used. Easy to understand and implement, this book will walk you through the steps of writing effective content making you a successful blogger.

Recommended by most of the bloggers, this e-book is available in PDF format and is just above a hundred pages. You can easily download this book paying a very small sum of $14.97 but there is a special offer for the next two weeks where you can get a copy for only $9.97.

A simple, effective and easy to understand, this book is a mix of a guide, a checklist and a scorecard making it a must have!
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