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Brightening up The Scope of Education with Technology by Joseph Z Duzgun

Education does not come easy to everyone, and yet, all through the world, it is considered as the most important tool that is directly proportional to a country’s growth. Science and technology, medical science, and IT, and overall development of all of these sectors are surely necessary and all the country leaders wish to get the best for their country. This said, many children might have difficulties in grasping very simple things too. In the past, teachers dealing with special kids or even kids who had slow learning abilities had to struggle in their bid to teach them. Having noted this, thanks to technology, internet, and various teaching tools, today, many special kids, and even kids who are a little averse to learning are also getting tutored. 

It has to be accepted that every individual has his own way of understanding a subject and so whether it is by using prompts or highlights, or even by using visual tools, everyone studies in his own way. This is why today, understanding all of these needs, Yusuf Duzgun and his software development company has come up with various software based interactive learning methods. These methods are effective when the child has to learn and the parent or teacher cannot be around always or even with the teacher guiding him or her. 

Using technology in the last decade, instructive or explanatory CD packs and DVD packs were released and they were a great hit in the market. The children could learn everything easily and this was a trend that helped many people think of how much more can one use technology to explain or to share information. 

True, internet is a blessing and it has helped in sharing information for a long time, but without parental guidance, children cannot or should not seek internet’s information for anything. This said, since internet is a vast ocean where one can get thousands of irrelevant data mixed with relevant ones, it would become difficult for the little child to find out only the relevant data. 

Yusuf Duzgun has found that this could be a problem that children might face or even parents and teachers might face. Making the child mug up information is thankfully, not a way to get him educated. It will make him read everything by rote, but it will not make him educated or knowledgeable in the truest sense. This said, if the child of a specific grade gets information only as much as would be essential for him to understand the subject, enjoy it, and relish it, while getting good marks and helping him secure a position in SAT or ACT, then that would be great. 

This is why this kind of interactive software is essential to be used by the educational institutions, tutors, and even parents for the child right from their young age. This would help them get the right kind of knowledge that would help them tide across tough competitions beyond the Standardized examinations and even carry them in good stead in their career too.
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