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Call Routing an Efficient Method of Handling Calls

Most of the call centres are opting for different method for communication. Telecommunication is a way to connect to people all around the world. Many Business Outsourcing Companies are using ACD (Automated Call Distribution) that links the calls of the customer to the most suitable representative. They are able to take account of a customer call as they have the backup of call records of the customer. Therefore, even if they miss the call of the customer, they can easily track them and get back to them through this software. It helps in routing the calls to the most effective and skilled agent who can easily handle the customer call and satisfy him. There are various strategies followed by companies such as dynamic routing, least ideal, least occupied, skilled routing, data routing and many more.

It helps in improving the satisfaction level of the customer. The reasons because of which a caller may get irritated are:
·         When a lot of time is taken to solve their problem and find a solution.
·         When they have to repeat explaining the same problem again and again.
·         When the customer is not satisfied by agent.

A Vital Source of Achieving Success

Many reputed and renowned BPO’s prefer using Call Routing to provide undeviating consumer satisfaction in comparison to the limited resources available and the oscillating requirements.It is a process that helps in reducing the time that is used for attending the call and resolve the call duration. This system also enables the customer to experience an excellent service. The strategies that are followed during routing process incorporate caller’s proposal as in caller’s information and detail, reason behind business or offers, skills related to the representative comes along with lots of advantages.

It provides a platform for the customer to easily connect to an agent. It helps in regularizing the calls and they are not left unattended. This system is best suited for the organization who are working 24x7. This will help in providing assistance to the callers all the time whenever they have to make queries or have some offerings to make. Like if an organization is dealing in India and at US, they can switch the working for their caller’s. As we all know that there is time difference between these two countries, so when time is to work in India they can halt the work to be done at US as it would not hamper the work and the resources there. Therefore, its less time consuming and is has quite flexible policy.

Types of Call Routing

·         Time Based Routing
·         Round Robin Routing
·         Skilled Based Routing
These three types of routing makes this process quite effective and give weightage to the customer satisfaction. 


·         It helps in enhancing customer satisfaction.
·         It is a very effective method used for call routing.
·         It helps in getting an instant response to the customers call.
·         It provides an organized working surrounding.
·         Develops the output of an agent.
·         Reduces the Human Resource Costing.
·         Helps in managing expenses.
·         Proper utilization of resources.
·         Make sure that the client call is handled by the appropriate representative.
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