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Gospel for Asia – Reaching Out To God through Their Philanthropic Service

For the poorest and needy people,life on Earth is probably the most difficult. While they have to fight for their survival to meet their day to day ends, they are completely unsure about their future. Even having a proper meal in a day is purely a matter of chance and coincidence for these poor people of these various developing or under-developed Asian countries where they do not get any of the basic amenities of life. While the poor people are struggling for a handful of rice, the rich people are becoming richer and they are partying hard and enjoying their life lavishly where they will never have any need for the next upcoming generations too. 

There are several volunteers from charitable missionaries like Gospel for Asia who work tirelessly, at helping the poor people get clothing, food and shelter. They even show them the right path of the Lord Jesus, give them strength and hope in the message of the Christ and show them ways to lead a peaceful and happy life. Across various rural regions of South Asian countries, women and children from these poorest areas, get trafficked, abducted or sold. Human trafficking is another serious crime which is on a rise and yet, with the service provided by the women missionaries who work on behalf of Gospel for Asia, the children and women can now find peace and hope knowing that their messiah will save them and deliver them from all these sufferings and pains.

Women across the world and even across some backward regions are often victims of domestic violence and several injustice, in the hands of their families or their own husbands. Domestic torture and dowry deaths is also quite rampant and it is a harsh reality that still today many women are getting burnt alive by their in-laws for dowry. These tragic cases would have caused irreversible pain and trauma to the victims and their parents. As an answer to these kinds of traumatic pain are women volunteers, missionaries and social service activists who do their best by counseling them and showing them that the future can still be bright and one should look forward in the words of the Christ Himself.

Other such services provided to Man:

God is always happy to see His children happy. When a man becomes rich, he forgets his poor fellow beings in thousands across the globe. Gospel for Asia also works towards guiding and helping the children from the downtrodden and under-privileged families continue their education while also earning a sponsorship from compassionate donors and individuals from across the world. This means that these downtrodden and poor children would also continue to lead a normal happy childhood just like any other child in the world.
This charitable organization also works towards the enlightenment of the lives of the widows and others who are abandoned by the society for no fault of theirs. The organization helps in making sure that they too come across the message of Christ to lead a fruitful and happy life.
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