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How to stay motivated as a newbie blogger?

So you have this idea, something you’re insanely passionate about and want to share it with the world. Starting a blog is the easiest way to do it! But once you have created your blog does the real work begin. For a newbie, blogging is a novel concept; it’s pretty obvious that he’ll be super thrilled about it. I’m sure all bloggers must have felt that rush of excitement when they published their first post But then, this giddy feeling dwindles gradually with time, when you realise that only your passion is not sufficient enough to attract a good reader base. You’ll have to publish content that is interesting, innovative and popular among your readers as well. A problem that even established bloggers struggle with! To err is human, and every newbie learns the basics of blogging through various trails and errors. It is during this period that he is the most vulnerable. After all it is human nature to expect profitable returns for his investment; money, time, energy or anything else!

Hence when the blog fails to meet up with the expectations of the blogger, he gets frustrated and might even give up, shutting down his blog for good. It is during these tough times that you shouldn’t lose hope!

Here are some tips that’ll help you stay motivated through all the initial glitches and struggles-

1. Set a deadline

This may seem a bit exaggerated but desperate times call for desperate measures. Set a deadline; say for instance six months, when you will publish your content whether anyone reads it or not. Just don’t give up without even trying! You owe yourself and your passion this time in order to see if you have a shot at it or not. Realise that you won’t be making millions overnight! Focus on posting quality content, not the reader base. You can quit at the end of your set deadline, if you feel that blogging is not your cup of tea. But not until you’ve given it your best shot, and tried everything possible to make it work.

2. Procrastination is your biggest enemy

Ever wondered how many times you postponed writing just because you did not feel like it? Or maybe had a “writer’s block”? Classic excuse! Procrastination is the forbidden fruit you must avoid at all costs. It is tempting, but you cannot let all your hard work slip through your fingers just because you were too lazy. Devote a couple of hours every day to writing. Organise your time by making a schedule. As a blogger it is your responsibility to provide quality content consistently.

3. Focus

A blogger is first and foremost a person; his identity is not just limited to his virtual profile. As a newbie you’ll have to learn to balance your work and personal commitments. And there will be times when both these realities would overlap. This is when you need to find your silver lining. Find a quiet place where you can think and write in peace. Devote some time to writing without any distractions from friends or family. Take out time for yourself when you can concentrate just on your blog. Focus is the key!

4. Be different

Write about topics that interest you. Follow your passion and present it in an innovative way. Embrace your uniqueness! It is important that you have fun writing; otherwise it will just be a tiresome job for you. Think outside the box and make your content more interesting for you and your audience as well. Enjoy what you do, do what you enjoy!
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