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Interpersonal Skills- Benefits In The Hotel Industry

Interpersonal skills give people a unique personal touch and if you are working in the hotel and hospitality industry, it is very important that you embrace positive interpersonal skills when you are interacting with guests and customers. In the USA, there is one successful hotelier who has played a vital role in the growth and development of one of the best luxury hotel chains in the world- the Pan Pacific Group of Hotels. The name of this outstanding individual is Patrick Imbardelli. 

Patrick Imbardelli has over three decades of valuable experience in the hotel and hospitality industry. He says that capital investment and decor alone are not the assets of the company. It is important for the hotel to conduct skill development and communication workshops for its staff on a regular basis. The employees have to be groomed and presented well so that they are able to manage guest interactions without fear. It is important for the management of the hotel to organize regular communication training sessions so that the staff are able to talk with guests under crucial circumstances. They should be confident dealing with their complaints, needs and expectations. They should also be good listeners and understand what they need in the first interaction itself. The hotel staff should also be informed and equipped with documentation procedures as well. 

When it comes to successful two-way communication, it is important for you to give your employees a patient hearing as well. If the management does all the talking the staff will not feel involved and become lethargic. When it comes to the effective administration and management of the hotel, it is important for you to ensure that you listen to their concerns as they are the ones that are dealing with the direct face to face interaction of the customers on a daily basis. With the aid of this valuable feedback, Patrick Imbardelli says that you may change some company rules and policies for better management and customer satisfaction. The best way to listen to your staff is to conduct weekly feedback sessions. They will give you an insight into how customers and guests react to certain protocols of the hotel and whether changes are needed in that area or not. He says that the only way to improve communication is to understand the communication style of guests and customers. For this patient listening skills are required. If you have good listening skills, you will find that some people like to talk for a long time while others require short and quick gratifications of what they need. 

Good communication will also help you understand the instructions and protocols of the hotel better. This also gives you the additional confidence you need to deal with different types of customers that come your way. Patrick Imbardelli says that the hotel and hospitality industry is a very demanding field and you should be well equipped with the right skills to make your guests happy so that they keep on coming back over and over again!
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