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Link Building: the top three benefits

After a bout a decade in the SEO field, link building has recently been one of the most divisive topics in the industry. For many Utah SEO companies, link building is technically dead, especially after the release of the Penguin algorithm and several other changes in the architecture of the world’s biggest search engine. Comments by industry leaders towards link building have not helped the case either. On the other end of the spectrum are those that believe link building is not only effective, but one of the most important elements of any authoritative online marketing campaign. Before the penguin algorithm that changed the landscape of link building, it mainly involved inserting links into any website that could host them, with the aim of getting one’s site to rank higher on search engines, and it worked. However, Google’s strict standards have changed this, and link building can now only work when based on well researched and well written high quality content. If done right, here are some of the advantages of link building;


One of the most important considerations for Google when looking to rank pages for any question is the amount and quality of inbound links. Today, the average internet marketing company can measure this, through page and domain authority metrics, determining the likelihood that the links to one’s site will have them rank higher. When done right, link building will actually improve the website’s authority, and have it ranked among the top results for related searches.


Apart from the SEO benefits, the links to one’ site are like an investment. They will exist indefinitely, and are always available to visitors to the linked sites to click. They are an underappreciated sources of linked traffic. Readers who visit related websites and find themselves interested in topics, goods or services offered by the company can ways link back to the website and have a look. In fact, as one goes deeper into the link building strategy, they might find that the traffic they garner this way might be even more beneficial than that which comes from higher ranking.


One of the basics of link building is guest posting. This is where one provides content to highly respected industry giants to publish for them. This has several benefits. As one associates with them, they are in a good position to learn a few things about success in the industry, not necessarily in relation to link building. It is an opportunity to read what other industry influencers are saying, and one to get them to post on one’s website. The influencer marketing opportunities are also numerous. When one sees content on the website of a company that is most likely more well-known and respected, the benefits of the marketing by association are huge.

Link building is, however, as dangerous as it is useful, especially with the strict guidelines by Google and other search engines. It takes a truly proven internet marketing company to pull it off successfully.

Stephanie M. Clarke is a respected Utah SEO expert. She has extensive experience working with the industry’s leading companies and managing online marketing campaigns for successful startups. She also runs her own blog and offers advice to beginners.
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