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Understand What is Derivatives in Asset Management Industry

Charles F. Whitman popularly known in the American Capital Management industry as Chuck is the Initiator, Leader and has been in the position of Chief Executive Officer at Chicago based  Whitman Asset Management Group. As the senior most portfolio manager, he is chiefly responsible for undergoing continuous market research, analysis and evaluate the cream-of-the-crop instruments and industries for his investors. In order to operate in this most vital position, he has been equipped with a pool of experts from capital and portfolio management industry. The WAM’s Global Macro Program is an exclusive combination of research base option and well planned strategic trading ways for equities, global futures and derivatives. 

Derivatives are basically varieties of financial instruments, the performance of which remain closely linked with market condition of security, commodity and many economical factors. Derivatives are widely used for transferring or negotiating future sales, delivery as well as investment. This is a great tool used by millions of farmers in order to sell their agricultural produces in future in a specific rate prevalent at the current date which eventually reduces their risk in agricultural investment. At WAM, Charles has successfully introduced a new generation Tactical Investment Program which can be implemented in varied investment areas. According to Charles F. Whitman the whole idea of the Global Macro program is adherence to less volatility choice and lessening of average hold-up periods for equity, hedge or other financial instruments that minimize future risk factors.

Before joining WAM, Charles F. Whitman worked for Infinium Capital Management LLC as a founding partner of the company. He was associated with Infinium Group for more than a decade and in his tenure with the community, he made it one of the headline capital management enterprises in America. The distinguished personality in portfolio management also worked for Blink Trading LLC as a managing partner. This enterprise was later acquisitioned by GETCO in 2002. He is associated with a series of commercial boards including Chicago Board of Trade, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Minneapolis Grain Exchange Association and Chicago Board of Options Exchange. In his professional life he has had participated in numerous options trading and investment management seminars and has shared his great ideas and global standard concepts for the betterment of asset management practices. 

In the recent years, Whitman has been honored as well as acknowledged as a ‘Super Trader’ by Dr. Van Tharp, Market Wizards Group in recognition of his brilliant expertise in money management, advisory and trading. Charles F. Whitman underwent his bachelor’s degree from DePaul University with specialization in Finance. In order to offer his esteemed clients with finest class of services as well, returns from this investments, Charles prefers attending high level continuing education courses. According to this immense money management personality that attending CE courses is quite helping to professionals involved in portfolio segment. His most preferred educators and experts are Dr. Tharp, Anthony Robbins and Marcus Buckingham. Prepared with a very dynamic, self-motivated team of expert asset management professionals, Charles F. Whitman is confident about uplifting Whitman Asset Management as one of the largest and most consistent wealth management groups in the US. 

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