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Why Non-Slip Tapes Are An Important Safety Item?

There are lots of accidents that happen every year in workplaces. Slip and fall accidents are one of the most common. Slip and fall accidents are basically caused due to slippery spots. Therefore, many businesses purchase non-slip tapes as an important safety item.

In fact, Non-slip tapes are considered the simplest way to offer increased traction in places where slipping is prevalent. In addition, they are also an ideal choice for various other locations for improving safety including floor areas in industrial sectors, warehouses, and offices that can become slick because of common weather or fabricated hazards. Sometimes, a simple splash of water on the floor or staircases could be dangerous. Therefore the application of non-slip tapes to prevent falling accidents is always makes sense. Although, non-slip tapes cannot prevent every workplace accidents, it can drastically lower down the injury within any workplace or commercial environment.

Non-Slip Tapes Help Decreasing The Risk of Falling Accidents:

Non-slip tapes are also known as anti-slip tape, and they are an indispensable choice in a workplace condition that involves heavy lifting or machinery. Actually, these types of places create higher risk of falling accident, especially when a person is carrying a heavy box or heavy material. There are many different machinery substances that generate oil and create a slippery surface on almost any floor type. These hazards are really serious as they cannot be prevented in normal way. However, anti-slip tapes in arrangement with mats eliminate the chances of an accidental fall.

Not only in industrial workplaces, even the traditional commercial buildings are at a high risk for these incidents since liquids, food residue, chemicals, and numerous other items can end up on the floor unknowingly. This is very normal that an individual with smooth surface has a chance to lose their balance if these substances make the floor slippery. Only, non-slip tapes are the best and affordable solution for any flooring areas including walkways, stairs, ramps etc. Furthermore, they are ideal for using on production areas and marine decks since they can further decrease injuries and offer visual cues for a safer workplace.

Photoluminescent Tapes:

While non-slip tapes are the ideal solution for any type of flooring area with a high risk of getting slippery, you can also use Photoluminescent tapes for stairwells or any other locations that are included as a part of a way out path. Most of the Photoluminescent tapes, offered by the most reputed manufacturers, are even certified to the American Society for Testing and Materials and when used, they improve evacuation safety. Therefore, they significantly decrease accident risks in areas that are regularly subjected to grease or water spills.

Any location with the minimum chance of a liquid spill can be turned into a safe place by applying these types of products. Another important reason behind its popularity is its affordability. When it comes to purchase non-slip or Photoluminescent tapes, the cost is virtually minimal and it only takes a couple of minutes to install the product at your workplace.

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