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Cardiac Arrest Can Be Deadly!

The condition of the heart, wherein the functioning of the heart is abruptly put off is known as cardiac arrest. With a heart condition prior to this arrest, the person suffering from a cardiac arrest may or may not have been detected. The term ‘heart attack’ is often mistaken with ‘cardiac arrest’, as the two are not the same.

When the electrical system of the heart stops, a ‘cardiac arrest’ takes place. It affects the normal working of the heart as the rhythm of the heart becomes abnormal. On the other hand, a ‘heart attack’ occurs because of the obstruction in blood flow, when there is a death of some of the heart tissues or more simply, when some sort of blockage appears in the arteries of the heart. 

It is significant that regular checkups with good cardiologists should be done because in both the cases, although death is not an unavoidable outcome, the possibility of death looms large. Even if you do not have a problem in your heart, the cardiologist will definitely help you follow a particular system that will help you prevent it in the future. In Freeport, Maine Dr. Lowell I. Gerber is a great cardiologist. Because of his status and reputation in effectively dealing with cardiac patients, he is associated with more than one hospital in the area.

One big delusion that people harbor is, it is only the old people who are vulnerable to a cardiac arrest, but that is not the reality and neither it is true. It is because of this that middle aged people are flabbergasted at the occurrence of an arrest as they do not take care of themselves and later, they do not know what to do. It is significant that people accept the fact and trust the cardiologist if they are diagnosed with a condition of the heart. The sooner they accept it, the easier it is for them to live in a healthier manner by changing their lifestyle.

To prevent a cardiac arrest, the foremost criteria is the eating habit that need to be changed in one’s life. The 
food habit and diet of an individual is extremely vital as it is defining his or her health condition. Vegetables and fruits should form the main portion of your diet, once you have been diagnosed with a heart problem. Of course protein of animal needs to be incorporated but that should be in restraint. Foods high in bad cholesterol and saturated fats should be immediately stopped consuming. In order to avoid or prevent future fatal situations, if a person who has had the familiarity of a cardiac arrest, and has been prescribed medications by his doctor, he must make every effort to recollect and consume them on time.

Dr. Lowell I. Gerber, who has gathered his experience over 41 years and is a specialist in heart failure, coronary disorders, congenital heart defects etc., is safe to trust him blindly. He is also well-known to specialize in cardiovascular diseases. It is definitely not an easy task to find an able and good cardiologist, but with a little research, it can do you a lot of good.
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