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Social trading platforms

One of the latest sensations in the binary options word goes by the name of Copyop. Social trading platforms are a new concept and growing in popularity by the day, I personally think it’s the future of the financial world. It wouldn’t surprise me if in a couple of years the only trading platforms being used are social trading platforms.

Why are so good and what does this brand has to offer? I will try to explain the main idea in this CopyOP review. First of all let’s see what a social trading platform is. As you might have guessed from the word “social” these new platforms offer the possibility to interact with other traders. The old trading style was limited to the individual and you could trade as much as you want but only by yourself without interacting with any other traders. But what actually is this interaction about? It’s simple, you can talk with the other traders and work together on new strategies. 

That being the basic idea let’s see what this new brand has to offer. The power of copy is what it offers, what is that? It’s the possibility to copy another, successful, trader and you can do that even as he trades. All who create an account with Copyop have a social trading profile page where everything they do is displayed for others to copy and use as their own. Now in some ways this sounds weird and people surely think “why would anyone share their strategies?” The answer is simple, you get a bonus for each follower. 

The social system that Copyop is offering resembles having a Facebook account. You got your personal info there alongside your entire trading history, methods used, assets and expiry times, everything up to date. You can follow others or be followed depending on your performance. Now for me the biggest advantage of this idea is the fact that anyone can start trading, even those without experience since they can follow someone who knows what he’s doing and have physical proof of it. The social trading system is here to stay and one of the brands leading it is Copyop which has brought one of the biggest innovations this year. They are still offering accounts to people who wish to experience the new trading method and for those who wish to start fresh in a new business.
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