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The Atlantis Quest- A Daily Journal in the Books of Oceanographers

What exactly did Plato have while he wrote down about Atlantis? Of course he being dead almost 4 centuries ago, the opportunity to ask him about it is gone, but there have been interpretations done by the scholars and skeptics who think that it were a mere fancy story written down. But over the years, he has written it down multiple times that the story was nothing short of truth. According to Plato it was nothing but a short island empire that was located outside the Strait of Gibraltar in the Atlantic Ocean. All of a sudden, one fine morning, the island disappears beneath the sea. There were numerous rumors reporting it to be a complete farce. But over the years, studies have brought in front evidences which not only support his facts, but also bring the Atlantis Quest as a popular topic in the field of oceanography.

Alex Potoczak, who has got a deep understanding of the subject, and has been researching on it for number of years, believes that there are distinct seven scientific disciplines that are involved in this Atlantis Quest, and they are:
  • Geology
  • Oceanography 
  • Paleo-clematology 
  • Archeology 
  • Linguistics 
  • Genetics 
  • Cultural Anthropology

There has been substantial studies done on it, and researchers have found out whether there was any kind of geological forces that could actually end up in making and destroying a piece of island like the Atlantis. In fact, in the Northern Atlantics, the oceanographers have come up with tectonic plate boundaries, and there’s nothing new to the fact that mountains are build on these tectonic plates. In fact, the Azores and the Madeira islands could only be the extracts of an empire as magnanimous as the Atlantis. Even there are multiple tell tale clues which put together to summarize the fact that there were some damages to the tectonic plates in these region. For those who love solving puzzles, there are enough evidences to prove how the Atlantis was formed and what were the forces that could drive the destruction of the same.
Even further studies of oceanography have proved how there are several changes of Atlantis to be present there. From a day to day regular activity, which states that if someone steps out of the bathtub, what is the first thing noticeable? The level of the water in the bath tub drops. Be it the writings of the Plato, or the scientific research data, the size of the Atlantis was quite clear. And there are multiple scientific articles, which mentions of one such drop in the level of the water.
This mystery regarding the Atlantis is a long drawn one and oceanographers like Alex Potoczak have been working on it day in and day out. From the long drawn inferences and the clues that are extracted from the evidences, the presence of the Atlantis is almost undeniable. But science believes to only proofs, and not mere solving puzzles. It’s a quest that is supposed to go for many more centuries inspiring oceanographers to delve deeper in to the subject. One day, all can expect to come to one final conclusion that marks down another notable event in the pages of history.
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