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The Need For Balanced Diet

In recent decades, the rapid rise of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, atherosclerosis, heart disease, obesity and stroke is a cause of concern for many medical practitioners and experts. The main culprits for this alarming health situation are the rampant consumption of processed and over-processed foods along with the lack of exercise among children and adults alike. 

This is the reason many of these medical experts and practitioners are advocating the importance of having a balanced diet for better health. However, many people often ask the question what constitutes a balanced diet. These experts explain that a balanced diet implies eating the right nutrients that a person’s body needs to remain healthy and combating infections and diseases. You can use some best body fat scale to keep a check on your obesity while eating healthy diet.

The inherent benefits of having a balanced diet as per popular health specialist Geoffrey Morell are:

1.      It prevents diseases and ailments
Eating a well-balanced diet enables the body to combat a number of aliments, infections and diseases. When your body receives the right nutrients from a healthy diet, it enhances the body’s immune systems. This helps to averts infections and seasonal allergies. Moreover, a well balanced diet drastic reduces the risk of many chronic diseases such as cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart ailments.
2.      Aids in weight management
Consuming a healthy well-balanced diet on a regular basis assists people in maintaining their body weight. This goes a long way in the reducing the risk of a person suffering from obesity or malnutrition. A balanced diet means reducing carbohydrates and fat to exact proportion that your body needs to remain healthy and active.
3.      It helps healthy body growth
Obtaining the essential nutrients that your body needs not only helps it to remain fit and active to combat infections. Such nutrients are also essential in helping the body grow and assist each organ to maintain its proper functions. This is the reason a why a balanced diet is essential for infants and adolescents in their growing years.
4.      Helps in promoting better mental health
Eating a balanced diet everyday helps to promote better mental functioning, enhances a person’s energy level, improves memory, and reduces the risk of mental disorders.
5.      Enhances your natural beauty
Getting the right nutrients by eating a balanced diet not only promotes better health within your body but is also enhances your external appearance.  This becomes visible in the form of youthful glow that people notice when they see you. This glow does not only result from the use of beauty products but from eating a healthy nutritious diet.

At a time when lifestyle diseases and obesity is a major cause of concern for both the medical community and the population, it becomes imperative to switch to a healthy and nutritious diet. This is the only viable to remain health and free from infections and ailments. Apart from promoting physical health, a balanced diet also goes a long way in promoting and enhancing your mental health. Such a diet says Geoffrey Morell will provide your body with the nutrients it needs to function efficiently and effectively in combating diseases and keeping you healthy and fit.
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