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Top Furniture Trends to Look Forward to In 2016

It is a fact that we all want to style our homes and decorate them according to our liking. However, interior designing is not something that everyone is skilled at, as it requires more than learning. One needs to have good design sense in order to decorate a house effectively.

A lot of people prefer doing things by themselves and for them we have brought some of the most attractive and cherished interior designs for the year 2016. These designs include high quality and compact furniture which you can find only at a modern furniture store in Toronto such as Furniture Express

We will focus more on the furniture than the other aspects such as lighting and colors, decorative pieces etc. although these variables are equally important and you will be well aware of it if you have a sense of interior design. 

Bedroom Designs
In the year 2016, more focus will be on the berth when it comes to bed designs. The price range is quite long and some of them are so expensive enough to put off the most seasoned buyers. Soft frames, metal accessories and rounded shaped beds are probably the trending beds designs this year. 

Cable suspended beds are also in trend this year. These legless beds are quite an innovation and they hang pretty low just to ensure safety as well as give a unique style statement. 

You can find more about bedroom designs by talking to a furniture expert. Most modern furniture stores Toronto may try suggesting you their own designs but at Furniture Express, our ideas are always welcomed. 

Storage Furniture
Storage furniture is normally overlooked when it comes to styling. Since the primary function is to store documents and accessories, people often ignore the style aspect for them. However, this year we have some amazingly simple and attractive storage furniture designs for you.

No handles and hidden fittings is the way to go for the year 2016. IT’s a space saving technique and gives your furniture a more attractive look. Focus on light colors.We would suggest something very close to white. It particularly works well in smaller rooms as lighter color give an impression of more space. 

One trending design is a tall drawer chest. Do not confuse it with a wardrobe with sliding or hinged doors. A corner place will be ideal for the chest but you can try out different combinations as you like. 

We focus on coffee tables and bedside tables here. Bedside tables with symmetric design have always been an attractive component of a bedroom. Bedside tables this year have a back attached to them with smaller shelves. Light mountings and table lamps will add to the beauty but that just depends on how you want your bedroom to look.

Small sized and compact coffee tables have always been a trend and they continue to be this year. You may go for lighter shades and folding option for your coffee tables because they can save you some decent amount of space.
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