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6 Most Common Wedding Mistakes That Every Soon-to-Weds Should Know

Mistakes are inevitable when planning a wedding. As a bride, you’ll be taking lot of decisions for the next 12-14 months including fashion, food, guests, drinks, flowers, decor, and it all has to be planned properly.  It is so much fun, but at the same time it can also make your head spin. Because this is the only wedding that you’re going to plan, so to help you looking back with no regrets, here I have shared 10 most common mistakes that you may make in your wedding planning.

#1: Not Setting Budget Priorities at The Beginning : Setting budget priority from starting can keep you on track throughout your whole wedding planning process. It helps you allocate the budget depending on what is important to you. Today you have so many options to spend money for making wedding arrangements, but you have to be sure that you spend most money on the things that you love the most, and then get other luxuries with the leftovers. All in all, be smart and set a clear budget goal before you start spending it.
#2: Doing All Wedding Decorations By Yourself : Decorating is fun. Yes, it’s true, but you have to be creative and design beautiful things. Doing all the decorations seems like a great way to save money, but if we really think, do you really want to be the one putting on chair covers or making sure to get roses delivered by your flower supplier on time or making your friends and family members rush around? Short Answer: Absolutely Not!  You want to be relaxing, enjoying your big day. Venue decoration is harder than you ever imagine. Leave it to the professionals.
#3: Hoping Guests Will Dropout : I cannot explain how many times I had to squeeze 13-14 peoples on the table of 10 just because the groom and bride hoped that they won’t come. Yes, many guests will cut themselves off from your guestlist, but you must prepare for all the guests whom you send out the invitations.
#4: Selecting Supplier Based On Cheapest Costs : You all might have heard the phrase “you get what you pay for” and the wedding planners are no different. Remember, selecting suppliers or wedding planners isn’t like looking everywhere to get the cheapest price for a specific phone or car. Most wedding suppliers or planners are different with their own personality, style and integrity. So, meet them in person, have them to show their work in person and choose the best supplier or planner among them and the one you can afford of course!
#5: Having an Open Bar : Everyone loves open bar and your guests will have a great time and they will appreciate your generosity. However, the problem with open bar is most brides and grooms underestimate its cost. My point is, have an open bar, but just make sure to budget to it.
#6: Purchasing a Smaller Dress Size Based On Your Wedding Weight Goal : This is not only for the brides, but also for all the bridesmaids and the mother of bride. It’s easy to take a dress in and make it look good than to take it out. So, order the dress in your normal size and set a goal to have it take in!
All in all, it’s your wedding day, you’re gonna marry the one you love. That’s all that really matters. It’s ok if the wrong car showed up or the food was served bit late. Step back, look around and enjoy your big day, create memories and have fun.
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