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10 Professions with Maximum Chances of Divorce

It’s a common perception that TV and Movie stars tend to get into the relationship sooner and they leave their partners even earlier than that. It leads us to believe that the divorce rate among movie stars, showbiz celebrities, fashion models and those who work in front of the camera, touches skies compared to other people. But is that right?

It depends upon the country you’re talking about as there are quite a few countries where marriage institution has been weakened. Of course, you may have your own opinion, but a large number of divorce law Toronto professionals and firms believe marriage is the best defense. It may not be for you, but for those coming into this world because of you.

Anyhow, we’re talking about high divorce rates among professions.We had to consider the factors affecting breakups, but as divorce is the subject, we disregard couples without marriage (or the position will be quite different). The sources includes, 

·         The data offered by family law firms in Toronto and other cities and countries.
·         Websites of the law firms
·         Reliable stats of the past taken from the support groups
·         Authentic data taken from some government owned entities
·         Online forums dedicated for family issues
·         Online entities of local and international law enforcements, etc.

What we mainly considered was the divorce rate, as this is the only factor that can take us to the conclusion. That’s regardless of the fact how many times same couples remarried and divorced. 

Furthermore, we also looked into the factors responsible for divorce, which will be highlighted in between.

1. Choreographers and Stage Dancers

They are related to media and showbiz, but they work behind the camera most of the time. The divorce rate for this profession is steep, around 45%. 

2. Bar Workers

So, bartenders aren’t cool enough anyhow. The main reason for divorce has been their attitude with their spouses. Divorce rate for bar tenders is over 38%.

3. Masseurs

You guessed it right! Masseurs on most places have a really bad reputation because of the consequences of their work. Can they help it really? Don’t think so! They also have a high divorce rate of over 38%.

4. Gaming Cage Workers

Gaming cage workers are divorced and most of these divorces happened because of the time they spent with their spouses and kids. They have over 34% divorce rate.

5. Factory Workers and Construction Workers

According to divorce lawyer Toronto, the main reason for divorce has been the distance. Most of the people haven’t gone back to their homes for years. These blue collar workers also have low pay issues that lead to home fights and divorce.

6. Gaming service workers

The divorce rate for gaming service workers lies over 31%.

7. Workers at Food and Tobacco Factories

Similar to the profession on the 5th spot, they are mostly foreigners. They have over 29% divorce rate.

8. Telephone Operators

This profession also has over 29% divorce rate. The main reason of divorce has been work stress, depression and anxiety.

9. Nursing and Home Health Aids

Nurses and home health workers have a divorce rate just under 29%. Time is the key factor of their divorce.

10. Home Care and Personal Aides

This profession secures the 10th spot with over 28% divorce rate.
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