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Many Dream to Become Pilots to Enjoy the Benefits and Compensations

Although the work of a pilot involves risks and challenges many opt to become a pilot just because the number of benefits that it offer. The first thing that comes to mind is that the handsome pay package that it offers. Apart from being paid, airline pilots get to travel a lot and explore some of the most glamorous places such as New York or Las Vegas with free time to explore these exciting places while their airline pays for accommodation and travel requirements. In addition, pilots get the opportunity of interacting with travelers and help them to reach their destinations. 

Moreover, pilots get paid vacation time and travel passes for their friends and family as well. Richard Bucklew is a famous commercial airline pilot who has worked for four major commercial airliners. He presently flies the Airbus A320s and A319s countrywide and worldwide with an average of seventy flight hours each month. Formerly on Boeing 727s and DC-10s he has been working as a flight engineer. At two aircraft flight schools he has also served as an instructor. He has also functioned as a federal flight deck officer to protect the cockpit in case of hijacking. 

Also apart from being a successful professional aviator, he is a celebrated martial arts fanatic who meticulously researched on the Japanese art of Shito Ryu and Shorin Tyu and has also published articles and blogs regarding this art form. In the Korean Tang Soo Do he has been able to receive a black belt. He has practiced karate for over twelve years which helped in developing his authority and strength required for his career. In order to become a professional pilot like Mr. Bucklew, one needs to undergo a thorough training and should have patience and interest to learn and take new challenges.

 A four year college degree is required to become a pilot in the major US airline. Another essential thing is to receive the medical certificate from Federal Aviation Administration or FAA medical examiner. One can start the career as a flight instructor or take projects with air-taxi companies or charter planes or work as flight engineers with the airlines to increase know-how and expertise. In addition to flying lessons, learning new languages, cultures and information about other countries give an extra edge as a pilot. Mr. Bucklew has stayed in over thirty two countries and knows almost three languages such as Spanish, French and Mandarin.

As a part of the U.S. Marine Corps, Richard Bucklew has worked in three investigation Marine teams and soon after became an Army and Navy reservist. His expertise skills helped him to be a part of the 12th Special Forces Group as well as the 1st Special Warfare Group SEAL Team. In Alpine Rescue Team situated in Evergreen, Colorado, he has also functioned as a volunteer and has been a part of the program “Rescue 911.” Thus, to enjoy the benefits and compensations, one should follow the footsteps of Richard Bucklew.
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