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New Mom’s Guide to Buying Changing Tables

While managing the baby room for your baby, the most important thing apart from the essential items such as crib and crib mattresses is changing table. It  while baby pees, poops and then after running for diaper and picking up a wipe, all this takes too much time where on another side, the baby is crying. It will make the moment full of rush.

You’ll surely think on why to purchase changing table for changing the clothes only. But you’re wrong. A changing table is not only for cleaning your baby but it also serves you with a storage unit so that you can keep your baby’s needs over there like diapers, wipes, clothes, talcum powder, and even toys will be handy to you in case your kid’s crying while changing. 

Trust me, changing table will help you make your work easy and keep your baby clean. You can buy the best baby change table on baby-direct.com.au having a variety of choices at very reasonable amount. Just visit once. Do you want to know more on changing table? Go ahead on the page and give this article a read!

Freestanding changing table : You can buy appropriate changing table having open shelf and one drawer but the quality is not guaranteed. At the lower end, you might notice drawer will stick and changing pads are made of plastic that cracks in shorter time. Still, these types are  available in lesser prices and might be sufficient if you tend to light use and don’t think about having more children. Notice one thing, please read the instructions carefully before using any one. If you’ve more budget then you can have multiple colors to choose from.

Retractable Tables : There are wooden retractable changing tables available which has dresser and is attached to the hidden L-brackets. And it has a flat changing surface. But to comply with the most recent safety standards, a changing table have to have barrier protection on all sides unless it has a contoured pad, in which case barriers are required on two sides. Because this type of tables have barriers on only two sides and have a noncontoured pad.

Wall-Mounted Changing Stations : These types are easy to fold up while not in use. It’s not suitable because there aren’t enough side barriers and the pads aren’t contoured. I personally have seen so many parents attaching these changing stations to walls without understanding professional guidance.

Contoured Changing Pads : A removable changing pad is simply attached to the top of a dresser. If you decide to go for the least expensive one, then look for one with at least having two contoured sides and a baby restraint strap. There are more safety features having more pads.

Take care while buying one  :

l  Storage size : Most changing tables have shelves so that it becomes convincing to reach diapers and clothing, but some have drawers or a combination of drawers and shelves. At least, having one drawer is also preferable which can help you to quickly retrieve supplies that you need. A drawer can hide your baby’s diaper supplies.

l  Recommend barrier on four sides : A traditional changing table is having solid wood or rails as a barrier. As per the latest standard, changing table with flat surface must have a barrier on all the sides.

Note : If only two or three sides of table are protected then I recommend you not to buy it.

As the post says, changing table is a basic need for nursery. It is not only a flat surface that helps to change your baby’s diapers, but it also conducts storage space so that you can keep routine essentials over there. Buy changing table and take a safer step for your baby!
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