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As we know cash on delivery means is the sale of goods where the customers get their good by mail order and where the payment made on delivery rather than paying in advance. As you can see cash on delivery in online shopping is the best thing where you can do payment whenever it gets delivered on your door steps. It is the best thing where the e-commerce earns many profits through this way. online shopping where it is very much popular in India. Many customers do shopping through online which is the easiest way to do shopping. The people living in US can shop on target.com and Here are the tips How to apply target.com Coupons Coupons and get discounts.

People nowadays opt for this kind of payment where even the company get profits through this kind of payment methods. There are many benefit for using cash on delivery for online shopping customers since is the best way to do shopping.

There are some benefits for using cash on delivery which provides for the customers with best deals. As the benefits by using the cash on delivery since the customers do not have to produce their any card details or password. Since there are some trust issues that the we Indian customers have, so COD is the best thing to save themselves from being cheated and save them from any problems.

Sometimes there is also another problem suppose if you buy or order some items through online and while delivering it, the items which you ordered its not the same . During such problem if the customer have paid throug online like debit card etc. Their refund becomes problamatic as they take time to redfund it.

Hence COD is the better and safe option for the Indian customer as it does not have to pay for the product which they have ordered until it delivers at their door steps.


As they provide the benefits by providing COD option for the e-commerce companies as they are able to reach to a larger population as the people who do not own credit card or debit card can also do shopping with the facilities of COD . So by providing this facilities to the customers the e-commerce companies also increses which help them to reacg with their customers base.


But sometimes there is always a disadvantages while using COD option which gives the companies loss . There are always an additional costs of handling of cash. Sometimes due to COD options there have been always problems  of long payments which gives the e-commerce companies into a loss. As the companies have to pay for the courier charges in case of the return of the product and also there is a great chance of return of the product in case of COD.


As you have seen that the cash on delivery has proven a lot benefits for the customers who do shopping online. But it is not proven so profitable for the e-commerce companies by providing COD but it is essential to keep an option of COD which will also attract people to shop online and recently the e-commerce have come up with some innovative ideas like extra shipping charges and gives extra benefit charges for using debit card or credit card. But this facility also proves to be worth it for the customers to do online shopping.
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