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Rugby- A Wonderful Sport To Play & Watch

When spectators watch a rugby match either on the television or on the grounds, they see what they assume is plenty of brutality. Two teams of enormous, robust and bulky men, who possess astonishing athleticism trying to outmaneuver and outwit each other in order to get their ball to their opponent's area. However, there is much more to the wonderful sport than that. It gives you thrills and excitement. It keeps the viewer glued to his or her seat till the last minute. Rugby is an entertaining sport and you should never miss an opportunity to enjoy the thrills of this game if you are a fan.

Passion for rugby

Brendan Triplett is a former infantry sergeant and rugby enthusiast. He has made it his mission to introduce this popular sport to American homes and urge parents to encourage their children to learn and participate in this sport. For this war veteran and recipient of the Purple Heart and Bronze Star Awards, rugby has always been an essential and integral part of his upbringing and life.  Since his adolescence, the rough nature and excitement of this wonderful contact sport had captivated him and led him to be a prominent member of the school and college teams. 
Even when joining the armed forces to serve his country in 2001 to 2009, his association for rugby did not fade and he became a catalyst in building and training troop rugby teams in the Army, of which he was the captain. In fact, the astonishing similarities between rugby training and military training were visible to the soldiers who participated in this sport especially in the realm of teamwork and discipline.

Similarities between rugby and life

As both an ardent fan and former rugby player, he never fails to notice the unique parallels between life and this popular contact sport. In spite of the brutal and vigorous nature of the game, participants experience a unique art and poetry which is the essence of this manly sport. In life, when people go through difficult times with tremendous hardships, they simply keep their heads down and push ahead forward with all their might. Again, when they come across obstacles in their path, they push harder to overcome them and in due course, these obstacles just simply seem to disappear.

He goes on to explain that it is not easy for people who has never taken part and watched this sport to appreciate the subtlety of this sport. However, with a little bit of education and guidance from experts of the game, it is possible for them to understand and appreciate the uniqueness of rugby. In spite of the fact that after leaving the Army, this passionate rugby enthusiast due to an injury cannot play again. He never fails to keep track of the latest developments of this sport that is a basic part of his life.

People who want to know more about this popular sport and the reason for its popularity in many parts of the world should not hesitate to check on Brendan Triplett on Micro News Agency. They will find his views informative and give them a greater insight into the game.
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