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Finding the Right Criminal Lawyer

Being accused of any type of crime is the start of a terrible time in your life.  Even before you have the opportunity to present your case it is likely that you are being judged and people have even decided whether you are innocent or guilty.  It makes no difference whether you have been accused of tax avoidance or murder!

The outcome of any criminal case can be severe; you can go to prison or be fined and end up losing everything you have worked for.  It is even possible to experience both.  Alongside this people in the neighborhood where you live will judge you and you may no longer have the freedom you used to enjoy to roam your local area.  In fact, you may even feel threatened if you go out!

The best solution is to find yourself a good criminal lawyer.  There are many criminal lawyers to choose from, such as Alva & Shuttleworth, LLC; who will offer an excellent service.  However, there are a few things to consider before deciding the right criminal lawyer for your needs:


The first thing to consider is what type of crime you are being accused of.  Criminal law is a huge area and there are numerous specialists which work in dedicated parts areas on criminal law.  Many larger firms will have a range on in-house specialists, whilst smaller, independent firms will specialize in one area of the law.  You need to ensure your criminal lawyer is familiar with the options available to you.

Type of Criminal Lawyer

It is also important to consider what type of criminal lawyer you require.  For instance, in the US there are federal and state crimes.  If you are accused of a federal crime, (one which is across several states), then you will be prosecuted by the federal attorney.  They have more time and resources to deal with a case than their state equivalents.  You will need a lawyer with the right type of qualification to handle your case.


The next criteria is to establish the level of experience your potential criminal lawyer has in dealing with your specific type of crime.  The more experience they have the better they will be able to advise and defend you.


Cost is an essential part of the equation.  You cannot pay more to a criminal lawyer than you have.  However, you do want the best lawyer possible and, particularly if you are faced with a lengthy jail term; it may be beneficial to sell as much as you can or seek assistance from family and friends.  In general the best lawyers are more expensive.

Relationship & Reputation

Finally it is important to evaluate their reputation.  There is little point in using a criminal lawyer who has no success with defending.  Equally you need to feel comfortable with your chosen lawyer.  You need to develop a rapport with them and disclose all pertinent information.  If you do not feel this is possible with your current choice then you should change your criminal lawyer as soon as possible.  You must believe in them as they should in you!
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