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How to promote optimal testosterone levels?

Testosterone is otherwise known by the term of “manhood” that is actually produced by the testicles – the male organ. It plays the vital role in reproductive system, fertility, male sexuality, muscle mass and hair growth. Apparently, it also play role in maintaining bone density, red blood cells count and sense of healthy well being. More over around the age of thirty and above, the male being starts declining the production of testosterone level so as the ages.

However, the wide range of chemical and medical exposures that include but not just limited to the drugs such as statins, adversely there are major impacts in the testosterone production among the men. On the other side, the levels of estrogen get increased because of large exposures towards estrogen mimicking compounds from food sources, water and other environmental pollutants.

The major scenario lies in:
  1. Consuming more fats
  2. Intake of plenty of zinc and vitamin D
  3. Try sticking with multi-joint movements while putting effort in gym work outs and exercises
  4. Cut down the rest periods of time
  5. Get more and sound sleep
There are natural ways to promote the testosterone levels in the body though there might be dramatic changes through resistant training, nutritional supplements and abundant rest for muscles. Appending below are the surefire methods to increase the levels of testosterone safely.
  1. Eat more and healthy fats: Consider not only mono and poly unsaturated fats for healthy being, but also saturated ones to build testosterone effectively. It is important to understand that human body requires saturated fats from both plants and animal resources that include but not just limited to meat, dairy, oils, tropical plants like coconut et al for optimal testosterone production function. In addition, consider:
  2. Olives
  3. Coconuts
  4. Butter made from grass fed organic milk
  5. Avocados
  6. Eggs and egg yolks from organic pasteurization
  7. Raw nuts such as pecans, almonds et al
  8. Grass fed meats
  1. Lose weight: Science says that losing weight is urge important as one of the weight management controls wherein carrying too much of pounds would lead to infinite health issues. Risk factors that include but not just limited to cardiac problems, blood pressure irregularities, diabetes, et al.

Apart from the above discussed major factors, the other yet important factors to promote optimal testosterone levels are of:
  1. Peak fitness which means high intensity engaged work out combined with intermittent fasting
  2. Intake of more zinc and its supplements in regular meals
  3. Optimizing the level of vitamin D supplement through all the possible sources
  4. Get sound sleep and say no to stress
  5. Try avoiding sugar and its compounds from the diet
  6. Try plenty of BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acids) from food sources such as whey protein
Bottom line

Having a blind concept of in-taking more fat and cutting down fat in regular meals for to put on weight and to lose weight respectively is utterly zero result. Consuming regular low carb diet helps losing weight from loss of water and muscle tissue. A gradual decrease in the muscle tissue will automatically lead to decrease the number of calories that help to maintain a prompt weight and can stay healthy.
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