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Signs Your Underwear Fits Wrong & You Shouldn't Be Wearing Them

Underwear might seem as a topic not worth discussing for many, but obviously, even smallest of silliness in buying or maintaining them might cost you a lifetime opportunity (a date, a presentation or even the mood sometimes). Some people are very choosy about their underwear while some prefer sharing (silly hostel and dorm stories, you know!). Underwear does not see gender. You can find internet filled with confessions of men wearing women’s underwear only for the fact that they are comfortable. Yes, finally it all boils down to comfort level. Nothing is more important than wearing comfortable clothes.

It is not necessary that branded bra and panties will always be comfortable. Many women opt for roadside undies. Some might favor this due to their cheaper costs, while others might just find it comfortable. There are not many lingerie brands in India. But, Indian cities are buzzed with sellers of copies of these brands.

Now, taking a course towards our topic of interest, we will highlight few points to strengthen your relationship with your underwear. This article can be generalized for both men and women.

·         Choose a correct size:
In life, everything boils down to choose. They might not always get good results for you. The only thing in your hand is to give it a good shot. We assume that you are well aware of your waist size (at least now!). You might not always have a changing room.

·         Check the material:
Some might prefer natural fabrics while some might opt for silky and sexy ones. Yes, we respect that. Word of caution: Be sure that you will be comfortable in it.

·         Don’t test the patience of your underwear:
People wear underwear until it becomes a mosquito net. Please, do not. Throw it away. You might have many strings attached in there, but it is better to let go sometimes (always, if it is an underwear)

·         Wash your underwear regularly:
If you are disgusted to do it by yourself, at least give it in a laundry. Wearing unwashed undies might lead to unwanted skin complications (rashes, itching and many more) in the vital areas.
·         Go organic:
Prefer underwear dyed with organic colors. Synthetic dyes are allergenic most of the times. You might again land up with a wide-legged-walk.

·         Recycle:
Do not hesitate in recycling your old underwear. Come on, get that creative head working. Who knows, you might end up with a start-up!

·         Arrange your shelf:
Surveys have shown that most people do not know how to fold their underwear. If you are one of them, get Google’s help. It is vital to fold and neatly arrange your underwear.

·         While washing:
Bravo! Hats off! Most people are reluctant to wash their own panties. But, you have got some guts. Be cautious! Firstly, rinse it in the water. Use appropriate amount of detergent. Use a washing brush and rub the entire underwear at least five times (especially the bottom). Rinse again with water. Leaving detergent back might again cause some allergies.

·         Elastic:
The most intricate part of underwear is its elastic. Take special care of it. Do not overstretch it. If the elastic becomes loose, either replace it or consider buying new underwear for yourself.

We hope that we have refreshed your basics and also introduced some advanced and unknown concepts about under wears and lingerie India in this article. 
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