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What is sms or call tracker app?

Sms and call tracker app is software which is blessing in disguise for every parent who has a child with a smart phone. Kids above 3 are prominently able to use android smart phones and also iPhones. Sms and call tracker is software which is installed in the smartphone you want to track which can be also called as the target device. The best thing about this app and software is that the icon depicting its presence in the device is usually hidden so the person using the target device remains unaware about the presence of the app. The sms and call tracker is enabled to track a number of things in the target device like:

  • Incoming and outgoing messages 
  • Incoming and outgoing calls 
  • Current location of the smartphone 
  • Names of the websites accessed 
  • Setting up Parental control on the website
All the data is collected and displayed in an user friendly and secure interface which can be remotely accessed by the user. Basically the can keep a complete track and check of all the incoming and outgoing communications sms and call tracker of the target device whether virtual or real. For more information on the app one can log in to the site: https://mspy.com

The app can be downloaded through Google Play on subscription basis. But you can pay only for the services that you want to avail of. This is a type of software that has its benefits and problems. Let us look at the pros and cons of the sms and call tracker app.

  • Effective and accurate:
    The sms and call tracker app is an effective and accurate app or software in determining the exact location of the smartphone and also the communication that happens to and fro from the target decide. The app is absolutely thorough in recording the happenings of the target phone
  • Sms and call tracker android:
    The sms and call tracker android app is available and suitable with all android phones and is delightfully simple to use. The sms and call tracker android app has many features like sms and call tracking, tracking the pictures clicked by the smartphone, list of applications installed in the smartphone, remote call blocking on the target phone etc.
  • Sms and call tracker for iPhone:
    The sms and call tracker for iPhone app is also available not only for android but for iPhone as well. The app when downloaded in the device is extremely easy to use and has an intuitive and a user friendly interface. The sms and call tracker app has features like GPS locator, email monitoring, phone call logs and sms tracking etc.
  • Easy on the battery:
    Usually some of the complex apps when downloaded and put into use eat up a lot of battery power of the smartphone. But this is not the case with the sms and call tracker app. This app has a negligible impact on the battery usage of the smartphone.
  • Ineffective on some messaging apps:
    The sms and call tracker app is ineffective on third party messaging apps like KIK and Whatsapp. It is also ineffective as it cannot track messages and other communication via emails. 
  • Used as a last resort:
    The worst feeling even as a grown up is felt when you come to know that someone is spying on young kids and teenagers especially are very impressionable and sensitive to such issues. Using such a software on them as a helicopter parent is highly not recommendable.
Every good thing comes with a responsibility. If this software is put to responsible use, it has immense benefits. 


Sms and call tracker app- a must for all smartphone users with kids

Sms and call tracker is an app that is gaining immense popularity among parents who are aggressively paranoid about their kids safety. Such parents are also labeled as helicopter parents.
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