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Brake pads: when it is time to replace them and what kind of brake pads you should get

It is impossible to imagine a car without a brake system, which is very important while driving. The brake system is the one that is responsible for how quickly you can stop the vehicle and thus avoid problems on the road. Therefore, it is important that the brake system is functioning properly and is serviceable. One of the main components of the brake system is the brake pads. They are responsible for how fast your car will stop when braking, and how long your-brake way will be. This is especially important if you are driving a big SUV like the Nissan Murano vehicle. The wear of pads will affect the braking performance, which will be significantly reduced, and hence the safety of the driver will be extremely low.

So, if the brake fluid level in the reservoir is reducing, or if you have noticed that the car stops either abruptly or overly slowly when you press the brake pedal or you have seen dust from the pads on the disks with an admixture of metal chips - these are the indicators of the fact that you need to get new brake shoes as soon as possible.

What kind of brake pads to choose? It is a rather rhetorical question as everyone is entitled to make his or her own decision. In general, the brake pads are divided into semi-metallic ones and organic ones, which are cheaper, but their life span is lower. Metal pads will not last long either. As of now, the most effective and long-term brake pads are considered to be ceramic brake pads, but their cost is much higher, so not everyone can afford such a purchase. However, such brake pads do not affect the disks as much as the previous three types and they get less heated and do no emit dust much.

Where do you get brake pads? It is also a difficult question to answer, because even at retail stores, there might be some inauthentic products, while you can get a great product at some online store. So it is important to pay attention to what you buy but not where you buy it. Therefore, if you do not want to regret the purchase, you may want to carefully examine what you are buying. Look at the appearance of the brake pads. There should be no cracks, the pad base should be smooth, and the material itself should not peel off.

As soon as you buy new brake shoes and have them installed into the car (it is best to delegate this task to professionals – so if you have a Toyota Corolla we would recommend you turn to the Toyota dealership) do not forget about a run-in, so that the pads grind with the brake discs. A run-in usually takes about two hundred kilometers. At this time, it is better to avoid abrupt braking and significant pressing on the brake pedal.

If you get high-quality brake shoes and sustain the period of a run-in, your ride will be much safer, which is very important in today's packed roads.
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