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Light Halal Dishes You Can Enjoy Anytime Of The Day

Halal food or Muslim diet is believed to be a bit heavy on the stomach because its components, especially Mediterranean dishes. Their dishes usually include rice or chapatti, which can definitely make someone full. Aside from the staples mentioned, Muslim diet is also abundant in spices, which can sometimes make a person feel fuller and heavier after a meal. Not all halal dishes are heavy though. For example, halal Hong Kong food include some very light dishes.

Despite minor restrictions and limitations in the ingredients, there are also light meals one can enjoy without violating the diet. Here are some light halal dishes that you can enjoy with your family and friends anytime of the day:

Toasted Chicken Sandwich

This is a light meal that is delicious and healthy at the same time. Not only that, it is also easy to prepare by you and will not take much time and effort.

Chicken breasts are the best parts that can be used to make this dish. The added flavors to this dish are from small portions of lemon juice, BBQ spice, butter and cheese. To ensure that this snack or meal is still healthy, vegetables can be added such as lettuce, cabbage, tomato and pickles.

A toasted chicken sandwich is a light meal option that has the best combination of nutrients which are protein and carbohydrates, both of which is sure to make you energized through a long day.

Shakshouka (Baked Eggs In Tomato Sauce)

Whoever said that eggs are just for breakfast is wrong. Eggs are one of the most nutritious and mineral packed super food, it is even healthier than its parent, the chicken.

It is cooked with fried onions, cumin, garlic, red masala and peri peri masala. The tomato along with the ingredients mentioned earlier are pureed and cooked until the tomato has softened. The eggs are then carefully added to the chutney. The consistency of the eggs depends on the person who will eat it, so you can definitely choose how well it is done. This dish adds a very different flavor to the eggs and is perfect any time of the day.

Radish Mushroom Bruchetta
If you want to skip the meat in a meal but still want to have the complete nutritional value that meat can bring, then this dish is perfect for you. Not only is it filled with healthy and nutritious vegetables, the herbs and spices in this dish makes the taste truly unique and appetizing.

The spices, cumin, turmeric, cayenne and dried mixed herbs are sautéed in butter. Mushrooms, lemon juice, sour cream, lettuce and radish are added. Then just sprinkle cheese and melt in a hot oven. Now u have a tasty meal with toasted bread you can enjoy any time of day.

Cinnamon Oats
Perhaps one of the tastiest spices is the cinnamon. Pair it with the easiest meal to prepare, which is the oatmeal, and a small portion of fruit on the side, you have a tasty and complete meal.

Preparing cinnamon oats will only take 10 minutes. Just cook the rolled oats and sprinkle with cinnamon. Not only is this the perfect choice for breakfast, this is also a good choice for a light but nutrient packed meal that can be eaten any time of day, especially if you are in a rush to have your stomach filled in lightly.

Oats are relatively easy to prepare and are filled with nutrients. It is not heavy on the stomach, unlike rice, but is also very high in fiber.

Steak Pizza
Combine two of the best things in life, steak and pizza, and you have an appetizing meal you can have anytime during the day. Pizzas are not as heavy on the stomach as compared to chapatti or rice but are sure to have you filled up. Steak pizza is one of the best pairs of carbohydrates and protein, which are essential for one’s energy.

These are all great options for when you just want to fill your stomach lightly. You may be on a diet or just don’t want to feel bloated as you go through your day. Then, for days when you want or need a heavier meal, there are a lot of halal options for you. Halal Hong Kong food are available at a lot of restaurants in Singapore, waiting to fill you up.
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