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Log Home Design is the Foundation to a Beautiful Home

Everything we make starts with a plan and ends with a product and the same is the case with a beautiful Log Home. The good the plan is,the better will the home be.

Planning is generally thought to be a waste of money. It is considered inessential and expensive. A lot of people actually go on to build homes without a proper plan. But this won't work with log homes. A log home needs a professional log home designer, not any designer but a good one. Understand that your house will look almost as good as the design. You don't want to spend a lot of money and end up living in a home that looks ugly. So, use your imagination and communicate with the designer of how you want your dream house to be. For more ideas and inspiration, one can look at other log homes and understand how they are built. Having a plan made by a professional log home designer will actually save you money and a lot of time. So, contact Discovery Dream Homes to know more details.

Most areas of Canada require construction plans to obtain a building permit. So a plan is must for that at the least.

During the construction process, simply put, quality plans pay for themselves many times over.

Material estimates are next to impossible to do from simple rough sketches all by yourself. You don't estimate the cost of thighs with a rough sketch, but it's called guessing. And this guessing can definitely make you disappointed in the long run as you discover you have to spend more for your project. Tens of thousands of dollars are wasted in this area by not having a detailed set of log home plans, done by a professional log home designer.

Without a plan, a builder won't be able to do his job rightly, which is assembling the logs. With no plan, a builder will also go the guessing for him to complete his job. This will make more time and more labour, which meansit shall cost you more money. So guessing is actually expensive than having a log home designer, design a wonderful plan for you.

Besides the cost of labour, the builder would also use more materials according to his will, so he could make more money too. You cannot question him for doing so, because there is no plan and the builder is more experienced than you. Let's say you want to change something, it is only going to burn a bigger hole in your pocket. All this could sum up to thousands of dollars, which is much higher when compared to the designing cost of a log home designer.

There is a huge misconception that since conventional homes can be assembled by the builders without a plan, the same is the case with log homes. This is definitely not possible. A good plan is a huge advantage to the assembler, as well as you. You would want your home to be worth the money you spend and according to your choice, not according to some dealers wish and will. Value for money is what we all look for.

That is why a lot of professional log home builders/ manufacturers strongly recommend a quality set of log home plans prepared by an independent professional thoroughly experienced in log home design.

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